Pics coming soon!

Hi there, love! My name is Dominique, AKA The Barefooted Mommy.

I'm a twenty-something wife to one amazing redhead (G), and mommy to two littles (Moosey and Little Man) with #3 on the way (he hasn't been given a nick-name yet!) late July!

G and I started dating in 2007, fell in love, and married 6 months later. WHOA WHAT? Yuppers. 6 months from "Will you go out with me?" to "I do". It was only 8 weeks after that they Moosey was a tiny gummy bear in my belly.

I started this blog as just a hobby, but it turned into a ministry. I desire to reach out to other young wives and mommies who feel lost on this journey and need someone to relate to. These roles are not something that I take lightly or for granted. This is the life I prayed many years for, but I still have a LOT of learning to do. You'll read about my triumphs (getting a recipe to work out!) and struggles (weight, identity, etc.). Some posts are happy, but trust me girl, sometimes ya just gotta vent!

And just so you know, I'm so glad that you're here.

Loves: My Jesus, folk music, anything tie-dyed, red velvet cake, aprons, yard sales, people watching, salted caramel everything, books, hot tea in pretty mugs, writing, listening the the hubs write music and play guitar, skinny belts, learning about natural parenting (i.e. nursing, babywearing, cloth diapering, etc.), handmade anything and everything, farmer's markets, and visiting old friends.

Hates: the smell of over-ripe bananas, doing dishes, little boy bowl cuts, over-priced thrift store items, loud bass at 2am, bugs of any kind, hearing people eat.