Thursday, August 29, 2013

I see London...

Whoah! Where the heck have I been, right? Life has swallowed me whole and I'm just now being able to breathe and break through a bit. It's crazy to think the last time I posted on here, I was giving an update of my pregnancy and now I sit here watching my little man rock in his swing at 17 days old!

Here is his birth story:

Around 1am on the 11th, I started having some contractions. I attempted to time them, but they were pretty irregular and I kept falling asleep. I finally woke up around 7:30 am to realize that the contractions hadn't gone away. I laid in bed for a little longer and timed them at about ten minutes apart. Around 8am, I called my mom. We decided that she would take me in, and the hubs could stay at home with my other two littles, so we didn't have to haul the to the hospital...especially if this was a false alarm.

I was admitted into observation around 9am and I was still about 2-3cm (I had been 2cm for a few days already). I was in observation for about 2 hours when my doctor (the one doctor I had been praying for!) decided it was time for me to be moved into labor and delivery! Whoo hoo! This was it! I called my husband and he arranged for our kids to be picked up by his grandparents and he headed on to the hospital. I got comfy in my room with my mom and my nerves kicked in big time. You would think after doing this two times already, that I would be somewhat relaxed-but I was far from that. My doctor came in and said he wanted to go ahead and break my water. My initial plan was to not allow them to break my water at all, but for some reason I went ahead with this. Shockingly enough, this was a smart decision. We discovered that London had already had a bowel movement. I began to freak because I remember my mom saying I did the same thing when she was in labor and it caused the doctor to panic. My doctor was completely calm. He said that I had nothing worry about, but that he wanted to monitor the baby as much as possibly in case he went into distress. Again, I did not want any sort of monitoring-but I was calm about this decision too. They did allow me to do some serious walking around the floor, as long as I came back every 20 mins to check on the baby. I did this for a few hours, but I wasn't progressing very much at all. In about 4 or 5 hours, I barely got to a 4. They started throwing around the idea of Pitocin, which about made me lose it. My dad showed up and he and my mom began to pray.

Within an hour I got to 6cm. Then I stalled out again. My doctor came in and said he wanted to put me on just a small dose of Pit, so we could get the baby out and not risk anything with the meconium. Panic set in big time. I could feel the tears falling down my face because I knew that I was weak when it came to how my body reacts on Pit. I shake, I get super sick to my stomach, and the pain of contractions are a million times worse than natural ones. I kept telling my husband that if I got put on Pit, I was automatically getting an epidural. He kept saying to wait.

Once on Pit, I was struggling big time. I sat on the birthing ball, listened to praise and worship, and tried extremely hard to relax. Nothing worked. At this time my grandpa and his girlfriend arrived, and I tried to keep a conversation going with anyone around me but then I got to the point that talking was wasting energy. My husband and my dad were holding my hands through each contraction and encouraging me through. My mom came and started rubbing my legs and coaching me through the pain.

Oh the pain. Like I said, there is nothing like the pain of contractions while on Pitocin. Things started progressing pretty fast and I was getting the point where a c-section even sounded good. Around 8pm I was done. I had been in labor since 1am and I was tired. The previous night I had only had 3 hours of sleep so I was just wore out. I looked at my family and began to beg for an epidural. With tears rolling down my face I pleaded with them to get the doctor and to get some pain meds. I just couldn't go on. They kept telling me to hold on and that I was doing great. I didn't feel like I was. The few seconds in between contractions I tensed up preparing for the next. I felt like I was dying. I was sweating and on the verge of passing out when I looked to my dad and begged him to pray for me. I didn't hear a single word he said until "Amen". At that very moment-the pressure began. That unmistakable urge to push came upon me and I started to panic. "I've gotta push! I've gotta push now!" I started saying over and over again. My mom got the nurse and she checked me. I was still at the beginning of 9cm. "You're not quite there, sweetheart," she said. Then another nurse ran in and said, "Dr. Jones is in the parking garage. He'll be here soon." Then I saw people running in and getting everything set up. Within a few seconds I was screaming at everyone, "I HAVE TO PUSH NOW!" I couldn't hold back. Dr. Jones (who is the cutest short older man I've ever seen) comes running into my room trying his best to get his scrubs on and get situated. I seriously thought London was gonna just fall out of me. I pushed one good time and his head came out. I then was instructed to stop pushing (you have no idea how hard that is) so the doctor could clean out his mouth so he wouldn't aspirate the meconium. Then once he was clear, I pushed two more times and my little man came into the world! 8:48pm! Roughly 20 hours of labor and he was finally in my arms! My husband even let my mom cut the cord, which I thought was such a sweet gesture. I began to cry as hard as my tiny was and on of the RNs wiped him down and placed him on my chest. My family was hooting and hallerin' with joy. Once placed on my chest, London immediately calmed and then peed all over me. I couldn't stop laughing. Within two more minutes, he peed on me again. Love this kid already.

London Henley 7lbs 1oz 20 inches Born August 11 8:48pm

I tore a little bit, but other than that everything went perfectly. I didn't have the labor of my dreams, but it was still beautiful to me. I still feel like superwoman, and I would do it all over again if I could.

My baby was healthy and I praise the Lord for that. Since entering the blogging world, I've realized that there are many women who would proudly go through the pain of Pitocin, the sleepless nights, being peed and puked on regularly, and even deal with the baby blues if it meant they could bring home a baby of their own. I refuse to take any of the hardships that come with a little person for granted in honor of those precious ladies.

Not gonna lie, I am struggling a bit with crazy hormones and sleep delusion...but I know this won't last for long. Soon my tiny London will be crawling, walking, talking, and I will look back at this time and long for these moments back.

Labor is tough, but its only the beginning of a beautiful story. I'll have so much more to share with you...soon. Stay around.


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