Sunday, June 09, 2013

Save money on that baby!

I hear the phrase time and time again that babies are so expensive. I think that's a theory that makes many people think we're nuts for having baby #3 on one humble salary. I laugh at this, because saving money is kind of my job. Seriously! As keeper of the home, I feel that it is my duty to stretch every dollar my husband brings home-and I have tons of fun doing it! Here are some of my tips on how we've saved money on everything from woven wraps to cloth diapers!

Cloth Diapers: Not going to lie, we were blessed with a HUGE stash of diapers from an angel mommy that heard we needed cloth diapers. I still wanted a few extras in smaller sizes so I went on the lookout for some inexpensive ways to get them. My favorite places? Cloth diaper swaps on FB! Here, mommies post the diapers they no longer need or want, and you get the benefit. Many are in EUC, yet are way less than retail! Here are some links to my favorite swaps:

Cloth Diaper Swap
Cloth Diaper Swap and Sell
BST Fluff and Stuff

Another great way is Ebay or Craigslist. It amazes me the deals I've found on these sites! It takes a little effort, but its way worth the savings!

Baby Gear: We saved in this area by checking out local consignment shops. I bought our car seat completely free by using my consignment credit. It was in like-new condition and doesn't expire until 2016. I was pretty happy with it. It had a few stains, but nothing my Green Machine didn't take care of!

I bought my glider at a Christian Ministries nearby. It was covered in dirt, but cost me $20. I've super-washed the cushions (which I'm gonna re-cover) and in the process of scrubbing the actual chair itself. The bones are in excellent condition so the little bit of elbow grease is WELL worth it! Don't let dirt scare you off. There's not much a little vinegar and blue Dawn won't do! <---even takes out smoke smell!

Babies R Us is another unique way to save. If you sign-up for their mailing list, they always send out a 20% coupon to use on select products. Sometimes, they will even let you trade in old stuff for new with a discount! Check your local stores for more information!

Clothing: Oh this is an easy one. Goodwill, yard sales, and consignment! Literally 90% of all of our kid's clothing are from these places-especially consignment! We've had an account with a local kid's consignment since I was preggers with our first. I take in what the kids grow out of, get credit, and purchase what they need. Even if I don't have credit, I've gotten almost brand new clothing for about 80% less than retail! And not just clothing, I bought Little Man a pair of brand new grey Converse for $9 about a month ago. They're still a little big, but it was too good of a deal to pass up! I even got a brand new Boppy for $14! That's a steal!

Also, ask your friends if they're getting rid of any of their littles one's clothing. We were blessed with a few bags of clothes which took a huge load off of us too!

Babywearing: This is another item that can be REALLY expensive, even used these are still an investment-but you can typically get wraps and carriers a lot cheaper through swaps than retail. I bought my first woven through this swap:

The Babywearing Swap

You can even list carriers/wraps that you don't need or use. You can even trade with other mommies! It's definitely worth checking out!

Food: Way too simple-make your own! With all the junk that's in pre-packaged food these days, this is such an easy and cost-effective route to take. Super Baby Food is probably one of the best books I read while pregnant with Moosey. Homemade baby food is sooooo cheap and easy to do. Check out Pinterest for even more ideas!

Burp Cloths, blankets, bibs, etc.: Make them yourself! If you can sew a straight line-you can take on this project. Pinterest was the biggest help for me! I've made bibs, burp cloths, swaddle blankets, diaper inserts, and even a nursing cover! Many can be made out of old towels or very inexpensive fabric.

Don't get frazzled by the prices of baby items (especially if this is your first). Think outside of the box. It's possible to save tons of money on these little ones if you just take the time to research and do a little digging. As much as I wish I could purchase all the hip and cool baby items-its just not realistic for our family. I did invest in two pieces that I knew were gonna get a ton of use-my diaper bag (a OOAK handmade one from Etsy) and my woven wrap (one that will last until toddler years). So if you're itching for cool baby items, pick one and let that be your "investment" piece. Or ask for gift cards at your baby shower! There are many ways to save!

What are your favorite ways to save on baby items?


  1. I definitely live for consignment shops and thrift stores. I also hit up the clearance sections at Walmart and Target frequently. Like now Walmart is still trying tiger rid of fall/winter merchandise so they have kid's clothing for as cheap as fifty cents.

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