Friday, June 21, 2013

Introducing my "Live List"

I don't know about you, but there's just something about being able to cross-out something on a to-do list. That one little motion tends to evoke a pretty intense feeling of accomplishment! That's why I decided to type up my "Live List". This list is an accumulation of all the things I wanna do. Some small, some big-but things that tug at my heart just the same. So here's my jumbo list. I may never get to do many of these things-but that doesn't mean this girl won't try!

1. Finish writing my book.
2. Be a published author
3. Visit the UK
4. Finish my B.A.
5. Move to Asheville
6. Learn how to use a DSLR (I must own one first lol)
7. Go to Comic Con
8. Go to Gallifrey One (Doctor Who Convention. I know, my geek is showing)
9. Own a Mac
10. Go back to India
11. Take my mom to the Sudan to free slaves
12. Become a registered Doula
13. Take holistic nutrition/medicine classes
14. Learn how to make soap
15. Become skilled in yoga
16. Go on a safari
17. Have family photos taken (Yup. We've never done this)
18. Take my whole family on a short-term mission trip
19. Lose 80lbs
20. Take a painting class
21. Get me and my entire family off of processed food for good
22. Quit biting my nails
23. Get good at hooping
24. Go to a show in NYC
25. Have super long hair (this may take awhile)
26. Go on a real honeymoon with the hubs
27. Own a coffee shop, boutique, or handmade shop. (or all three!)
28. Own a pair of skinny jeans
29. Have a garden tub
30. Be debt free
31. Sign up for CrossFit
32. Run a 5k

That's my far! I definitely wanna start working on this!

What's some of the tasks on your "Live List"?

Do you do well with writing down your goals?


  1. I want to travel to Paris and take a family vacation with my husband. We've been together for almost 9 yrs & haven't been on a vacation. Jobs always seem to get in the way but now our schedules are more open.


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