Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Homemade Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

My mom and I have been on a real journey to save money, while doing better by our body. This means a LOT of research on my part! We started with making our laundry detergent, and now we've moved on to toothpaste!

It's crazy to think that something so small and mundane can have a huge impact on your health. I've read so many articles about the dangers of fluoride, it became a mini-mission to find a good alternative.

Here is the downright easiest method of making your own toothpaste.


Coconut Oil
Baking Soda


Mix equal parts. (I melted an entire jar of organic coconut oil to help the mixing process. Just place jar in pot of water on stove, and stir inside of the jar until almost completely melted. Pour out into bowl and add baking soda. Mix and store in your favorite container. No refrigeration required.)

BAM! Your. mind. is. blown.

Crazy right? Now I don't mind the "baking soda" flavor at all, but some are a little put-off by this. You can easily add a tiny bit of stevia or xylitol and a bit of essential oil for flavor. This is completely up to your personal preference.

The benefits of this homemade version of toothpaste is as follows:

Coconut oil is a triple threat- antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal! It has been proven to kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Also, baking soda is a super mild abrasive that will help get those pearlys even whiter! Best part? NO CHEMICALS! None. Nada. Zip. This is something you can totally be at ease about!

**Also, you can use a diluted bit of hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash!

Are you gonna try the toothpaste?
What homemade item should we attempt next?


  1. I have been making my own for about a year now. I usually do a 3 parts coconut oil to one part baking soda. Then I add some peppermint oil. The couple times I used regular toothpaste I hated it. I am definitely a fan of homemade toothpaste!

    1. I LOVE this toothpaste! It makes my teeth feel super clean!! I can't imagine going back to store bought!

  2. That's super awesome. Thanks for posting this. I've pinned it to my homemade cleaners board on pinterest!


  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Ahhh! I didn't mean to hit "remove" on my side, and I don't know how to get your comment back!

      But to answer your question about how will I protect my kid's teeth without fluoride, its pretty simple! Good oral hygiene comes from what you eat more than anything.Feeding your body what it needs, and avoiding what it doesn't-helps your body have strong teeth. Many countries around the world do NOT believe nor participate in fluoridation, yet they are pretty level with us when it comes to low numbers in tooth decay. Also, like I stated in the above article, coconut oil is great for your teeth! I plan on doing a flavored version of this for the kids. Right now they just use normal non-fluoride toothpaste. No juice. No sweets before bed. Lots of good food.

      This choice isn't for everyone, but with the research I've done-I can't agree with the mainstream ideal of fluoride. The most disturbing thing for me was find out that fluoride is a cumlative mineral, and that high doeses can cause some pretty wonky things in the body!

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  7. Essential oils are definitely the way to go for brushing teeth. I had never thought to add coconut oil. This would make it easier for the kids to use, thanks! Find out more

  8. This looks like a great recipe. I tried another one and didn't like it at all. Will give this one a try. Found you through Green Living Thursday! Martindale Dental

  9. Thank you for the tips. I'll try to do this. Hope it will be a success. - Tiffany, DDS


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