Monday, February 25, 2013

New car, throw up, and skates.

I seriously can't begin to tell you how hectic this week has been! I haven't had anytime to sit down and write anything. My head has been swirling and I've been so very behind on ever commitment known to mankind.

It's been hugely a tiny bit stressful to say the least.

Starting with last week, if you follow me on Instagram then you saw this bad boy:

This is my big blessing and answered prayer numero uno. Somehow the Lord opened up a way to get this car in just three days! We went from feeling like we would never be able to, to driving 3 hours away to pick it up. Every single time I get in it, I praise Jesus, because I never have imagine driving anything so beautiful.

My little people chilling out while we filed the paperwork. 

If you've read some of my recent posts, you know that I was utterly stressed over our car situation. My hubby drives a really old two seater truck, and I had a 4 seater car. This was not going to work with baby #3 on the way. But God an incredible way. I REALLY enjoy owning this car! Only bad part? I couldn't find the title to OUR car before we went. I destroyed my house. I knew that I had filed it, but was not able to locate it. After getting the car, I was told I would have 10 days to retrieve it. Well, I panicked and forgot about it until yesterday. I prayed, and within minutes (no joke!) I came across the title...just where I had filed it!

Next on my list were taxes. Uggh. Talk about complicated. Having done a few side jobs last year, I needed the self-employment form done. Well I went to get them done, and they tried to charge me almost $400 to get them done! My parents use a CPA who charges less than half of that! Thank the Lord (again) that I had totally forgot that my license was expired. I've already had it renewed, but little man threw it away. So I wasn't able to get them done (after sitting there for over 2 hours) until my duplicate comes in. Needless to say, I'm going to use the CPA.

Then Saturday was Moosey's first birthday party to go to. I was super stoked to take her! Mommy/daughter time! We had a blast! She got to skate for the first time, and even did it all by herself!! Of course my hormones kicked in and I cried a bit, but was able to pull it together before anyone noticed!

Best conversation of that whole day?

Moosey: "Mommy, cake and ice cream are sugar."
Me: "Yeah munchkin, they are."
Moosey: "Well, Daddy said that a lot of sugar is bad for me, so I'm not gonna eat anymore."

Umm yeah. My 3 year old just schooled me. She had one bit of each and put it away. I was shocked, and proud! 

This day of course had a small black cloud afterwards. I took her to Belk's to look around (this child LOVES to shop) and she had a small cart topple on top of her. Not good. She screamed bloody murder and the whole store thought I was killing her.

She got an Ariel doll out of it.

I'm such a sucker for tears and a cute face.

Now for yesterday? Little man decided to eat a bit of toilet cleaner. (Don't worry, it wasn't toxic, and I'm getting rid of the stuff) Nothing happened until 12am when he wakes up screaming and has puked up everything in his little body all over the place. Mommy panic set in. I sat up with him for over 2 hours making sure no more vomiting occurred. I cried a lot. He seemed okay, but now is running a low-grade fever. Yeah...I cried again. Seeing my littles hurting or sick makes me extremely moderately emotional. 

So that's been some "highlights" of my week so far. It's been hectic, but I think I'm beginning to get things under control. 

I'll be posting regularly for the rest of the week. Thanks for hanging in there!!! 

***Baby Update***

16 weeks today!
Weight gain: None. I'm 10lbs lighter than before I was preggers.
Cravings: Lemon water, Rice Crispies in almond milk, protein. 
Belly: HUGE! My belly is so darn big. I have no idea why. 
Symptoms: Nausea comes and goes, fatigued most days, tightness and slight cramping in belly, back aches. <---You know, the fun stuff.

I've got about 3-4 weeks left until we find out what we're having!!! 


  1. Sounds like a busy week! Glad to hear everything worked out for you! Nice car!

    1. It's been insane! And thank you, I still don't believe we own that car-it's such an unbelievable blessing! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So much fun! And you look adorable pregnant. How have you lost 10 lbs?! That's a great start, haha.

    1. Thanks Stefani! I cut out caffeine and I've been trying really hard to stay away from sweets!

  3. Oh my! What an eventful week for you! Congrats on the car! You look adorable, that dress is cute!

    1. Thank you! I will actually be doing a review and a giveaway about that dress!!

  4. Yikes .. you have had quite the busy couple of days. I am glad your little man didn't get too sick. Congrats on the new car and you look AMAZING!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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