Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Baby Tips from a Pro {Guest Post}

This is my little man, Cashe! Can't believe he's two now! 

This is my wonderful friend from high school, Tippy who blogs over at Crazy Clan Life! She wanted to share some "Pro" tips for any of you new mommas-to-be out there!!


Hello!!!!! So Dominique is having a baby! Woohooo and who doesn't love babies :D I have two of my own and even with one being 9 months old I see a little newborn and it makes me want more. Its the power of babies. For baby week I am going to do some things I wish I knew before I got pregnant and had kids.

1. Every pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant with my daughter you never would of known, no symptoms, no cravings, no mood swings, no stretch marks nothing. Just a big 'ol belly that turned into a beautiful little girl. With my son, Whoa let me tell ya completely different. Everything I didn't get with the first one I got with the second minus the morning sickness ( luckily enough to not get it with either) But every pregnancy is different had a rough one the first time around the second time maybe completely blissful. All of yours could be different and different from friends and family. So its a new experience every time :D

2. Labor is not always like the movies. I went into labor expecting a scene from the movie. I expected the water breaking, the rush to the hospital, doctors rushing everywhere, screaming at my husband, choas in the room , nope I was almost disappointed lol. I had it hyped up to this madness that was going to ensue. But Both of my labors were calm , fairly short and nothing like the movies. Except I did get a beautiful little slimy baby at the end of it all.

3. Baby items are expensive. You don't realize how expensive they are until you have your own and have to buy them. They go from thinking they are these cute tiny little items for little itty bitty people. To ughhhhh I have to spend this much on this they are only going to wear it / use it/ be in it for a little bit. They grow so fast.  What have I learned used baby items/ consignments/ hand me downs are your best friend. The majority of the items are practically brand new one used a few times or worn once. Do it. Get a hold of friends who just had babys. Local baby trades. Will save you a lot of money and you can re-sell your old items for new ones.

4. Do not open/ untag/wash small baby items.  I know its hard because nesting is CRAZY and we want everything to be all ready and perfect for when the new addition arrives. I learned the hard way. I washed everything folded organized and made the nursery look amazing for my daughter. Worked out fine she was this petite 7lbs 10oz. Long and skinny stayed in the same size clothes forever. My son I did the same thing washed and set everything up I didn't want to do anything when I get home. He was a born a whopping 8lbs 13oz. Needless to say all the newborn clothes that were de-tagged washed and un-returnable were useless and I was stuck with them. All the diapers I opened and set up neatly on the changing table. Yup didnt fit. My little chunkers came out wearing size 1 diapers moved on to size 2 fairly quick. Wore size 3-6mths and out grew those fast. I wish I would of known not to open and wash that way I could of traded them in for the right size.

5. They grow fast. You always hear your parents talk about how fast you grew up and where the time goes. But its true. Time flies like crazy. You have this little baby and then one day you wake up and they are little people. They loose the babiness overnight. They learn things so fast and so much that the time just goes. So take lots of pictures and cherish all these moments because it wont last for long.

Here is a few helpful tips that I found super helpful after I had my little ones:

1. You do not need to pack a huge bag for your baby for your hospital stay. The hospital has everything you need. Utilize the freebies, they are there for you, Take them use them bring the extras home. Bring the little guy/girl some cute outfits so they are not in hospital shirts the whole time in pictures, But the hospital provides everything else.

2. When you change your babies diaper the first time-the first time ever in the world-put some vaseline on their little butts. I  did it once they were brought into the hospital room with me. When babies first poop. Its like tar. Its dark and thick and sticks to them. You are going to be so worried to wipe too hard and break them. After all they have only been out in the real world for less then a day. The vaseline will be your lifesaver.

3. If you get alcohol free wipes, it will not shock your little one every time you wipe. You know how you change babies and they scream, Most of the time the wipes are cold. Alcohol free wipes do not get cold like regular ones.

4. Both boys and girls pee on themselves when changing diapers. So make sure when changing a girl you pull the onesie all the way out from under her butt. and boys make sure you have the diaper all ready to go. Once you open the dirty diaper be prepared for the new one. When the air hits them and they get cold they pee. It will happen. Be prepared :D

5.Before you have your little one, make meals and freeze them. Last thing you are gonna wanna do is cook. Especially if this is your first child you are just learning the ropes of doing everything one handed. Make meals and freeze that way all you have to do is thaw and heat up.

6. Nap when they nap!!!! I know its harder said then done especially if you have other kids. But ignore the house, the dishes, the laundry etc. All will get done. But if you are run down to the ground nothing will get done. Utilize nap time and nap!!!

7. Share the baby. I know that especially as a mom. I want to be the number one person doing everything. I AM. So are you. Don't forget that. But don't feel bad if you want to pass the baby off and sleep, shower, go for a walk, or just do nothing. You need time to still be you. Do not feel bad you will enjoy it and will make you feel better which in return will make a happy baby :D 



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