Monday, January 14, 2013

My new favorite ring! {Review}

Today my dearies, begins a full week of fun reviews! I am super excited to be getting the ball back rolling in the world of blogging! Still not feeling the best-but we're gonna make this work!!

First on my list of super fantastic reviews is a ring I received as a gift from Touchstone Crystal, a member of The Swarovski Group.

This is a really fun direct sales company that contacted me in late November to help promote a really awesome program they have going on. If you remember THIS POST, Touchstone Crystal was rallying around their over 250 consultants that had been affected and devastated by Hurricane Sandy. This was a way for them to help out their consultants by sending traffic their way-meaning a way for them to make some money.

What a company!? How many do you know would do something like that?

As a gift for helping out, they allowed me to choose a piece of their jewelry-it was soo hard! I fell in love with EVERYTHING! But in the end, I love me some cocktail rings!!

I chose this baby right here, the Rock Legend Ring:

This ring is HUGE! A gorgeous Crystal Golden Shadow stone (Swarovski Element) on a palladium-plated band.

I get compliments EVERYWHERE I go in this ring! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! 

The quality is absolutely perfect. You can tell that the minute you see it. It fit like a glove, and although because of the gloomy day you can't tell-this thing sparkles like CRAZY I tell ya! It's just one of those pieces that is the cherry on top for a great outfit!

Best part thought? Not only did they send me this beautiful piece of art as a simple "thank you", but they also sent a hand-written note. I swear that effort speaks volumes to me-don't you agree? I wasn't asked to do this review, but I wanted to. I really wanted to highlight such an amazing company! 

I was honored in a big way to help them out, and I will continue to send people their way! Definitely go check them out HERE, they have tons of new product!

If you're looking for a statement piece (or a collection of them!) you must take a look at Touchstone Crystal!


  1. This is really pretty ~ I love the color. Reagan's birthstone is a sapphire but I got orange sapphires put into my thumb ring and it's a very similar color!


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