Friday, January 18, 2013

Datevitation: Great Valentine's Gift! {Review & Giveaway}

I would show you the inside...but's kind of private ;)

I love Valentine's Day, mainly because now that I'm married-I have a permanent date!

Valentine's Day Married > Valentine's Day Single


I also love this day, because I can get all mushy with the love, and he just has to deal with it. ;) 

If you're anything like me-every year you try to break the mold and do something a little different. I love homemade gifts and things that are just super unexpected. 

If so, then I have a perfect gift to add to that special day!

Romantic Stroll

Datevitation is a family business run by the husband-wife team of Alex and Olga Karpman.  You can get to know them on the Datevitation blog, where they offer video guides to date ideas and romantic gestures.   You can even watch Alex propose to Olga in a video they posted on Youtube as a Save The Date, and now has over 800,000 views (you can view the video here)!  

These are the coolest things ever! I've made homemade "love coupons" before, but they NEVER looked this cool!

Music Festival

You can choose from TONS of different dates!

River Rafting
Cooking Class
Double Date
Breakfast in Bed
Game Night
Make-out Session 


and MANY more! There are plenty of dates for you to choose from! 

Check out the video HERE that walks you through the process.

You pick 5 dates for $20.00. You can personalize each page to say what you want. Each additional date is just 1.00 (up to 20)! If your order is over $30, it'll ship FREE! Shipping is super fast too, took way less than a week to get here. 

Beach Day

I ordered mine for the hubs, and I simply adore it! It's the cutest thing ever, and I think he's really gonna love it! (Actually I know he will, cause I already gave it to him! He was really excited!) The quality was a lot higher than expected (no flimsy paper here!)! It also came in a little protective box that could easily be wrapped. I honestly have no complaints about the product! 

Definitely go and check out Datevitation if you're looking for something personal for your loved one! The amount of options you have is astounding-and for a really great price. Wouldn't this be a cool way to surprise him with that trip you guys have been wanting to take forever?

Wine Tasting

 Now, Datevitation is giving you a chance to get started on your Valentine's Day shopping a little early with a $20 Gift Code Giveaway! No time to wait?  Use the code PURPLEKALE for $10 off your order! That's up to 50% off! 


Who doesn't love comments? It is just like Christmas. So go ahead, send me a gift! :)