Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Cloth Poop Catchers. {Guest Post}

Hello, my name is Miranda, and I write about life with 2 little ones over at Just Add More Sprinkles.
I got really excited when Dominique asked me to guest post for her Baby Fever series! So excited, because lately I've been a little baby crazy. Yes, I think I'm a little crazy for even thinking it, especially with a 1 and a 2 year old, but never the less, the thought of tiny fingers and toes is getting to me.
Anyways, I'm here to talk to you all about the awesome cost effectiveness of Cloth Diapers.
Cloth poop catchers.

Aren't they pretty cute???
Now before you all get really grossed out about this, any of you that currently have children understand that you cannot avoid the poop. These little beings will shoot it out, ooze it out, and explode it out of their pants.
When I first heard of cloth diapers, I thought, man, thats kind of gross. Well, after my first child, I realized that I had probably been exposed and touched more fecal matter than one would care to admit. When I was pregnant with my second, my husband had just finished school, and I was not working, and we needed to be thrifty. I went online to find out more about saving money with 2 kids, and the subject of cloth diapers came up.
Did you know that with 2 kids, I'm using about 10-15 disposables a day? Now, thats about 280 diapers a month, for at least 1.5 years (for me cause Sadie is potty training), but thats roughly 100 bucks a month for me, and that adds up after a year, and each kid would be using them until they turned 2.
So I switched, and the savings is awesome! 
Dealing with poop and cloth diapers hasn't felt all the different to me than dealing with disposables, other than I wash the diapers every 2-3 days. In 1.5 years, I'll be saving around 1300 bucks. This is what sold my husband on using them. 


-They are cute looking! So many colours and patterns to choose from!
-Less diaper rashes. I think both my kids have had 1 rash each, and it was because I had waited too long between changes.
-Less diapers going into the landfill.
-Its not that much more laundry than what people think. Babies are already messy creatures, and 1 load every 2-3 days isn't terrible in the scheme of things.
-If you are buying them new, they are 15-20 bucks each, ouch. Its really only about 350 to get enough for 2 kids, but check out Diaperswappers or local facebook pages for deals on used diapers
-Overwhelming about of information, which I can see as both bad and good. It took me a while to research what I thought would work for me.


I started out with 6 used cloth diapers, and one new one, and tested it out. If I liked it, I'd buy more and invest in it. Its good to try a few different kinds!

 (I was so new to this, I had to watch this video to see how to deal with the poop...*warning, there's poop*)

So the diapers we use are pocket diapers, although I've tried fitted ones and I just didn't like them.
Majority of them are Bum Geniusm one size and Fuzzibunz one size, and then a few are Kawaii (didn't like those as much because they are cheaply made, and so you will be paying 10 bucks less, but for crap).


This is what works for us at the moment
-dump any poop in the toilet
-shake out the insert from the pocket into our hanging diaper pail (waterproof hanging bag)
-toss the diaper cover into the pail and any cloth wipes used

When its time to wash the full bag of diapers:
-Unzip the bottom of the bag and empty all the diapers into the washer along with the wet bag
-Do a cold rinse (no soap)
-Then put the washer on a extra large cycle on hot and add my soap (using Rockin Green soap, but I checked to see what works best by using this chart)
Sometimes I do an extra cold rinse at the end, but thats just me.
Toss them all into the dryer on low or hang to dry if its sunny.
After that, I stuff the inserts back into the pocket diapers and stack them in each of the kids' rooms based on what colours they wear.

We do still use disposables for weekend trips, and for Lucas overnight sometimes. Hes getting a little more challenging for nights, but we'll figure it out. Double stuffing their diapers for overnight works really well for Sadie.

Anyways, thats my deal on cloth diapers. I love them, and don't think I'd ever go back to disposables. If you have any questions, email me


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