Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trina's Thursdays: TWO Handmade Ornaments

Trina's back with not one, but TWO handmade ornament tutorials!! Make sure you show her some love over at her Facebook page! 

Who is already decorating for Christmas!? My kids were super excited this year. They begged me to put the tree up a week before Thanksgiving, but we held out to the day after. ;o) So today we have 2, yes I said 2, paper ornament tutorials! Super duper easy! Okay, so this first one…I have seen this made with paper and felt, and well honestly it’s all up to you. I used some Christmas paper I had in my craft closet. I recommend 2-sided paper. Grab you some paper. They need to be in squares. Size does not matter; this is also up to you. Once you have your square, fold in half diagonally.

I used a rule for this next part; again the width of each strip is up to you. You are going to cut strips from the fold to the point, but you will not cut through the center. The picture explains this best. In my picture I did 2-1 inch strips and 4-.5 inch strips. 

Once all your strips are cut, open. You will glue (I used paperclips to help keep in place while glue dried) each strip together, alternating sides. For example (looking at the picture) pull the middle in
and glue, then flip the entire square over and pull the next strips together. Flip and continue until all strips are glued.

I actually forgot to take a completed picture BUT you can see how different sizes and what they look like in this finished photo here:

If you want a bigger shape, make 5 (I think that’s how many) and connect together. It will make a huge star!

See…simple, easy and quick. Like I said, if you use 2 sided paper with different designs or colors, it will >POP< more.

Now on to tutorial number 2! 

This one is even quicker. Again, use whatever paper you want for this and shape size is completely up to you! What is great about this next tutorial is the fact that you can cut any shape and use any time during the year! First, pick your shape. I used Microsoft Word and printed out a template. My paper was a bit sheer so I was able to trace my shape and then cut out. Fold each in half and glue together. Trim the edges if necessary (I had to). 

BOOM! You can either use them as ornaments or hang them in the window. Mine were actually way smaller than I wanted but fit the tiny tree we have perfectly! 

So, I hope you liked my tutorials. I really hope I don’t talk too much or go into too much detail or anything bad. I honestly like quick and easy because usually I do these with the kids, and we all know they have short attention spans. On another topic, Im going to be cutting down on the hair pretties during the holiday. So my page is more than likely going to be more Christmas craft related. =) If you guys try the tutorials, come on over and post pictures for everyone to see!!


  1. Very cute! These would be fun to do with my kids! Thanks!

  2. Hey! I was just making those this morning! You guys rock! I want to get some nice paper for them or some glitter, something! --Meghann


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