Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trina's Thursdays: Easy Scarf Tutorial

Back with another Trina's Thursdays!!!!!

First thing's first-

I got my card order in yesterday!!! 

As much as I would LOVE to post pictures of my cards, I don't want anyone to see them prior to me sending them out!

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Okay, Now back to Trina!!!

Trina here! It’s tutorial time! Over here in Germany it is starting to get pretty cold here. Not unbearable, but the walk to take Drake to school is starting to freeze my face. Nice, right?

So we are making SCARFS!! And you really shouldn’t have to ask out of what, you should know by now I use things around the house. Yes, old t-shirts AND it’s a no sew tutorial! SCORE!


1. old t-shirt
2. scissors

BAM! That list was super small. ;o)

Okay, so here we go. I’m going to show you guys 3 ideas that I worked with. One of which my MOPS group showed us how to do, and 2 I found on…yes, Pinterest. I’m an addict, what can I say.

The first two I made are meant for my kids, so I used one of Bella’s old stained shirts.

Believe it or not you already made one “scarf”! The middle piece of the shirt!

For the sake of this tutorial, I just used the same shirt for the next option. Obviously, if you want both of these examples you will need to use different shirts.

I took the middle piece yet again and cut slits on both sides. Do not cut all the way to the middle.

Now try to stretch each little piece. If it doesn’t stretch don’t worry they will roll and still look nice and cool. (Because my kids don’t wear things that aren’t cool. Yeah, they are in that stage.)

(Let me interject here for a second...IS THIS NOT THE PRETTIEST LITTLE GIRL??? I love seeing sweet pictures of Bella. Her mommy and daddy will have their hands full when she gets in high school! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.) 

And that is that. 2 examples done, 1 more to go. This next one they showed us how to do in our MOPS group here. Another old t-shirt and scissors.

Same start. Cut into the 3 pieces. Taking the middle part yet again, cut slits going left to right. (I stood on the side of the shirt so I could cut going up.) Do not cut the seams. Once all the cuts are done stretch as far as you can each piece.

Gather each together like so, and fold according to the pictures. ;o) Easiest way I could explain.

Now set that aside for now and grab the hem from the bottom of the shirt you cut off earlier. Cut at one seam. Grab your scarf and start wrapping the hem around. There is actually nothing to this part. When you are done simple tuck the end into the part you just wrapped.

And there ya go! 3 different scarf tutorials done! I must say, this is quite an accomplished Thursday. ;o)

And of course, like always I had helpers who wanted to model the last scarf. ;o) Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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  1. Wow, wow, wow what wonderful ideas and the kids look so cute. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x


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