Friday, November 02, 2012

The day late post.

Since I posted so much yesterday, I actually saved Trina's craft post for today!

This is a great tutorial for the kiddos to do for Thanksgiving! I know mine will be! 

Hey guys! November already! Wow, how this year has just flown by! I don’t know about you guys but this is my favorite time of year.

So as I was packing up my Halloween stuff, I realized I had no Thanksgiving decorations. And well, I haven’t see the flower man in a while. So…I figured I would make some. Yepp, that is right. We are making coffee filter flowers. Pictures do this tutorial no justice. They are super cute when complete.

So for starters, let me say I dyed mine. No you don’t have to do this. Some people like all white flowers. We live in base housing and everything in our house is white, so I didn’t want to go with more white. 

Lets begin, shall we? For one flower I used 10 coffee filters. Make 2 piles of 5 each. Grab one set and cut about an inch off.

Now, if you want to dye them its super easy. Just fill a small plate with water and add food coloring. For this I did yellow and orange. How much you put in is all up to you. I did about 20 drops for yellow, and with the orange I did 10 drops each of red and yellow.

We are going to dip the smaller filters in the yellow and the larger ones in the orange. You can keep the sets together.

You should end up with something like this:

I ended up making 3 flowers. That is why you see 3 sets of each on there.

Now, if you have time you can air-dry them. If you know me, then you know that I am one impatient person. ;o) I heated up the oven (a low temp) and speed-dried them. I didn’t check what I set the oven to or how long I let them sit. I cleaned the kitchen while I waited. =)

Once they are dry, we begin the petal shaping. You will have to do the next couple of steps one coffee filter at a time for the best results.

Picture explains it best, but you must fold each filter 4 times.

On the fold, go ahead and round the corner. And then unfold and round the outer corners.

Another moment if you don’t mind. Another thing you might not know about me is I like to use whatever I have on hand if I can. This next step will differ if you will be using floral wire. I didn’t have floral wire on hand, but I did have pencils. ;o)

So if you are using pencils like me, cut a slit in the middle of the half folded coffee filters.

Yellow first and one coffee filter at a time, slip the pencil through the slit you cut. You will want to scrunch the filter together and do almost like a pinch and twist at the bottom. (This was obviously hard to picture)

Add each of the yellow filters. When you are done use floral tape to securely attach the filters to your pencil.

Now do the same with the orange filters. Make sure when you do the orange set that the top of the filters are even! Or it won’t look like a flower in the end.

Once all the orange filters are on, use the floral tape to attach and cover the entire pencil.

You should have come up with a very beautiful flower:

Now, you are probably asking do you really need to cut the petals. No you do not BUT I would suggest only doing one color! Here is what it looks like with colors:

You may not notice anything different through the picture, but in my hand I actually didn’t like the way it turned out with multiple colors.

If you dye them with red food coloring in the beginning and do not cut the petals, yet do the tutorial they will look like pink carnations. =) Drake actually gave his teacher flowers like these for Teacher Appreciation Day. They were forever flowers. <3 So cute!

Play with it. Change the colors with the season. They are so easy and cheap to make. And they are gorgeous. ;o)


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  1. These are really lovely and your instructions are easy to follow and understand! Thank you!

  2. What a great material to use, the filters are nice and sturdy. These came out great. I'm following you, visiting from the Imperfection hop. :)

  3. Those are adorable flowers and they seem easy to make. I might have to try my hand at them!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Raising Imperfection.

  4. What a cute and easy idea, also don't have to worry about them dying. Stopping by from Girl Creative. Have a lovely week, and thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Those are cool! Pinning!
    They would make a cool wreath too for Thanksgiving!

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