Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit & a Link-up!

Like I've said before, I LOVE beauty stuff. I always have. I used to get into my grandma's or my mom's makeup and go a bit nuts. Apparently I've passed that gene onto my daughter.

I get the biggest thrill going into a Sephora, Origins, or MAC store.
I don't always get to try out the newest items, but Influenster has really helped with that obsession.

They recently sent me a goodie box filled with beauty items for me to review, one of them was this set of Kiss Ever Pro Lashes.

Made from highest quality human hair. Use with Kiss adhesive for optimal results. Latex free, odor free, waterproof, flexible formula for 24hr hold, easy applicator.

Now, I am a SAHM. I really don't go anywhere where falsies are appropriate...
or so I thought!

Friday, I took the kids out to do a bit of Christmas shopping at South Park (aka...Richie Rich's neck of the woods) and went to the mall. Oh how I love this mall. Tiffany's, Sephora, Anthro, Michael Kors, Pottery Barn, etc. A girl can go a bit crazy in this mall.

Well, never in my life have I received more compliments than I did this day. Even a bunch of the make-up artists were talking about how "stunning" I looked. 

I honestly didn't know how to react. Funny thing, I prayed that morning for me to be a blessing to someone who needed it-I guess the Lord thought that I was the one who needed a bit of a boost that day. To be honest, any time I've ever gone shopping I become extremely self-conscious.  I have the worst anxiety about what people think of me, and my weight issue doesn't help. I hate going into the store with the pretty girls...I feel like they are thinking "Omg, what is SHE doing in here?" It's even worse if I am I am shopping with a thinner friend. 

Now, I know this sounds vain-but I honestly can't help it. I know life isn't all about looks, but I was tormented a lot in high school, and I guess I've never been quite comfortable in my skin. I am getting there though...

Back to the lashes...lots of people kept talking about how pretty my eyes were. I couldn't help but giggle...if they only knew!!!

Here was my horrible attempt to take a photo of my eyes.

Ummm....glare much? Why on earth I kept my glasses on-I have NO idea.  

But I LOVE the lashes. They are pretty dramatic, but some people actually thought they were real. The only downside, was that they felt a bit heavy, but I think that's just from me not being used to wearing them. 

Here is how to apply: 

To Use: Simply apply glue to the lash band and let set for 30-60 seconds for adhesive to become slightly clear and tacky. Using the PRO Lash Applicator, apply lashes along the natural lash line. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely. Do the same to the second eyelash. Both lashes have a perfect fit!

I can honestly see falsies making a big splash into my makeup routine. 

Do you wear falsies at all?

What are your favorite brands?

Here was my outfit for my shopping adventure:

Shirt: Target
Cardi: Walmart
White Tank: Walmart
Jeans: Premium Straights from Gap
Scarf: Gift from my mom
Gold belt: Michael Kors
Silver ring: Tiffany's (my wedding band)
Gold ring: Cato's
Earrings: Maurice's

I know I always pose without my shoes, but I don't wear them in the house. I don't put them on until right as I am going out the door. If you wanna know what kinds I wore, I cuffed my jeans and wore some brown oxfords, or "old man" shoes as I like to call them. They were cheap-o's, but the dude from Madewell told me my shoes rocked. Definitely one of the high-lights of my day!

Here was another high light: My beautiful babies!

He has pumpkin apple sauce all over his face! 

So this is my FIRST Mommy and Me Stylin' Monday!!!

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  1. I love SouthPark. I was a bit self-conscious going there too when I first moved to Charlotte. But then I got an internship there and got to know some of the mall employees. Now it's my favorite go to place to get out of house since I'm a WAHM.

    My daughter loves going to Pottery Barn Kids and playing with the kitchen set. And I love going to Tiffany's and trying on a few pieces of jewelry. LOL. Love the outfit and the kiddies are so cute!

    I've only worn falsies once and loved them. Looking forward to stocking up on some.

    1. Definitely do it!!!

      And I LOVE the SouthPark area! Whole Foods, P.F. Changs, the Mall, Restoration Hardware, Pinkberry...oh man, I go crazy! I actually live about an hour away, so it feels like a vacation when I go!!!

  2. I have been seriously considering getting full falsies, but like you, feel like I have nowhere to where them. But why not, right? I tried the single lash ones, but I am completely inept at putting those things on. You know what though??? You've inspired me and I am going to go get some of those big, thick, luscious beauties!
    Thanks for finding me so that I could find you!

    1. DO IT!!!!

      I had so much fun wearing them! Why should we not feel exceptionally pretty any time we want? It's like playing dress up all over again!!!

      So glad you stopped by!!!

  3. Just found you through Monday Meet Up. I love your writing, so honest and heartfelt. And you do look stunning in that yellow cardi and beautiful scarf. I tried falsies last Christmas but they were the single lashes. My mom told me I looked like Clarice, the reindeer that Rudolph falls in love with. LOL! Following you now, love your blog!

    1. Oh man Alison! You totally made my day! Thanks so much for the sweet words!

      I totally remember Clarice's super lustrous eyelashes! They were pretty awesome though.

      Again, so glad you stopped by. LOVE your blog...GREAT style inspiration!!

  4. Hi there!

    Jumping on the link up, thanks for co-hosting. Glad to be a new GFC follower and reader. Don't be a stranger :)


    1. Whoo hoo Krystal! So glad you stopped by!

      LOVE your blog and your crazy amazing style!

      Hope to see you next week!

  5. Love your style and I appreciate that you're honest :).

    New follower, Follow back?

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