Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fashion Week 2012

AHHHH!!!! I am so excited to present this AWESOME event that's going on! This is going to be fun and fashionable for all! First, come on board and join our Group Facebook Page for Fashion Week 2012 with your host Spunky Real Deals;-) Co-hosting with me is Christie from Satisfaction through Christ.

Second, write a blogger/designer sign-up post! We need to get that hype simmering to a boiling point!

Third, hook up with a talented designer for the giveaway.  FROCK Los Angeles is the first designer in the line up. She has some truly amazing plunging-back lines on her dresses! Kim Marshall Couture has joined our list of couture designers. Kim's line includes ostrich feather evening wear that could make a grown woman cry with tears of joy*Squeals of excitement*

Fourth, Grab the Fashion Week button for your blog!

Spunky Real Deal
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Who doesn't love comments? It is just like Christmas. So go ahead, send me a gift! :)