Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Off to the mountains we go...

Yup. It's somewhat official.

The hubs and I (with the littles) just spend 5 days in the beautiful mountains, in the areas of Canton, Waynesville, and Asheville.

*sigh* We hated to come home.

If you're a new reader, then you don't know that I live in a small backwoods town outside of Charlotte, NC. Although I am really glad I came here for the fact that I met Mr. Red-Head, but...let's just say-I'm over this place.

We have a Walmart. That's about it. 

Nothing for the kids to do, and we don't really fit in.

But Waynesville? Oh man. It made our hearts skip a beat. So much to get into (within walking distance! YAY!) and just a beautiful over-all area. 

We even looked at an older condo downtown. I seriously could have moved into it right then and there.  Exposed brick, old fashioned elevator, and one block from the downtown shops and restaurants!

Now, we have been thinking of this move for awhile, but the hubs wasn't completely convinced. This trip definitely did the job. 

So here we are, back at the house. The house we are going to be putting up VERY soon. 

Here is where YOU guys come in. 

Have you ever sold a home? Do you have any tips? When looking at homes to buy, what's the most important things you look at?

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated! 

This is a pretty big step for us, and only God can work out the details. We are doing some serious faith walking, here. 

So now I'm off. I've got quite a lot of purging and cleaning to do!

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  1. I've never sold a house before, but I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! That condo sounds AMAZING. So excited to hear more about this!! : )

  2. How exciting to move to another place. Where I live we don't even have a Walmart. I feel like I want to live in a place where I can walk or ride my bicycle to things..I'm ready for something bigger..

    Good luck on selling the house!

    Thanks for commenting on my Get Well With Jo blog...Vi life rocks..

  3. Oh my goodness! I love this!! And the condo sounds fantastic and exactly like something you should be living in! When selling your house its important to clear out clutter. Make sure lots of personal items are put away - you want the buyer to be able to invision themselves in your house and its hard to do if you and your loved ones are staring at them through the entire tour, its distracting. Maximize the size of your pantries, cabinets and closets. Make sure they are clear of clutter, super organized. Id box up anything you havent worn in a while but dont want to throw away to make it look like you have more room. Make sure kitchens and baths are as updated and CLEAN as possible. Those are the most expensive to update/renovate so you want it to come across like there are no major updates to be done up front...all they will see is dollar signs and that will affect the precieved value they put on ur home. Curb appeal is super important - first impressions are critical. A normal home buyer makes up his mind about whether the home has a chance within the first 15 seconds they are in the door. So if ur homes yard is a mess they may not get through the front door! Also paint colors need to be as neutral as possible. That will help the buyer be able to envision their furniture in ur home easier. When pricing your home, check the comps in your neighborhood. Ones that are for sale with similar square footage and bed/bath ratio. If none are for sale, look for ones that have sold the most recent, preferably within the last 6months. Also, if your neighborhood is still building new homes, check those prices as well. You dont want to price your home higher than what a brand new home is priced. Not many people would pay more for a 5-6 year old home than they could for a brand new construction home. Wow this got long winded sorry! We are thinking about selling our house as well, but we arent sure. We'd like to move closer to downtown Orlando. We are also contemplating renting our home...but anyway, congrats on this big move! I am so excited for yall! Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. This sounds amazing. We recently moved to Florida from Utah and I am dying for some mountain time! NC isn't too far away, sounds like a trip is in store!

  5. This is exciting!! In my small town here in AK, we JUST got a Walmart like 2 years ago-I feel your pain sister! Can't wait to see how the Lord works it all out for you guys :)

  6. Great news! Have fun in the new place! Mountains are the coolest!


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