Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Call me Cinderella

That's exactly how I feel at the moment. 

Scrubbing. Cleaning. Moping. Vacuuming. Dusting. Laundering. Cooking. More Scrubbing. 

And there may be singing involved, but unfortunately no little mice to cheer me on.

How the heck did my house get so dirty?

Oh yeah. These guys.

Don't let their innocent faces and bedhead fool you. 

That top one? He's a graffiti artist.

The little girl with crazy hair? She's a serial room destroyer.


But somehow in all the hand prints on the walls, nail polish on the carpet, and crayons on the doors- I'm okay with it.

Cause I know the chaos will follow us to the new house so I might as well put my big girl drawers on and suck it up.

Oh the delight of being a mom.

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  1. Hey! Just found your super cute blog, so I'm thinking I'll be your newest follower.
    I can't imagine having two little ones to clean up after! I feel like there are some days where my one kid dishes out more than I can handle. I can definitely relate to being Cinderella. :-)
    Feel free to stop by and say "Hi" sometime!

    1. Whoo hoo!!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Gonna check your blog out pronto!

  2. I feel you! : ) Today Carter looked at me with his "I'm about to do something messy" face, and he proceeded to dump his bowl of Joe's O's onto the kitchen table, swipe some onto the floor, and then threw them individually until I got over there! ha! BOYS!!


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