Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthdays Rock!

And mine was definitely NO exception!

I had such an awesome birthday filled with tons of cake, chocolate stout cupcakes, 10 hour shopping trip with very sweet and well behaved kids, Starbucks, brand new lighted vanity mirror, and beautiful lillies from my hubby!

Here is some of the things I got (I still don't have a camera, so some are stock photos, and some are from my Instagram...) 

These are my Oriental Lillies from the hubs. They came un-bloomed and this was just 12 hours later. Now they're HUGE! I had to split them into two different vases!

This is what was left of my birthday cake! My sister made this and it's the best ever! It's made with German chocolate and powdered sugar (instead of granulated) and EVERYONE has been asking for this cake. It's just so darn moist and incredible. Oh yeah, and the sprinkles definitely added to it ;)

E-Ware 24 LED Lighted 10x-1x Touch Control Makeup Mirror w/ Clock

My parents bought me this vanity mirror and it's HUGE! I love it so much! Looks a lot better than my teeny mirror and desk lamp.

Merona® Women's Ultimate Cardigan Sweater - Assorted Colors Merona® Women's Ultimate Cardigan Polka Dot Sweater - Assorted Colors Merona® Womens Gathered Crossover Tee - Assorted Colors Threshold™ Yum Dessert Plates
Bought these from Target!


Got these when we went to Starbucks!!

My mom got me all of this from Gap (I also got a white and navy cardi, but I couldn't find a photo of it)

Fresh Balsam 4 oz. Small Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksBlack Pepper Bergamot 4 oz. Small Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksSweet Cinnamon Pumpkin PocketBac - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works

And last but not least, I picked up these goodies from Bath and Body Works! Those candles smell amazing, and they were only 5 bucks!!!

I also received a GC to Maurices from Geoffrey's aunt!! I can't wait to go see what goodies I can find! 

So all in all, I was beyond blessed this birthday! 

And remember, to celebrate I am holding a beauty goodie bag giveaway!!! 

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  1. I love being spoiled on birthdays! Yours looked so fun! Happy belated birthday! Also, that cake....ohhh that cake looks amazing!

  2. Birthdays are the best! I'm glad you had such a great one!

  3. Aww I'm so happy you had a great day!! I'm jealous of your gifts, especially that mirror! ;)

  4. I'm glad you had such a fantastic birthday!!!!
    You made out like a bandit too!

    That black pepper bergamot seems like it would smell amazing.

  5. Happy belated birthday, that cake sounds so good! Do share the recipe :)


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