Thursday, September 06, 2012


This week I have strep.

And it sucks.

On another note, I have some pretty awesome plans for this blog. I have two permanent guest writers and some great recipes coming up! 

I have been slow with my own posts because alas, I had to sell my camera.

I know, but we gotta pay bills right?

The only camera I have now is my cell, and it's great for uploading to Facebook and Twitter-not so much to Blogger.

Anyways, I thought I would share a new obsession of mine- SHOES.

I really adore shoes. I have never really been a shoe person, but as I lose weight and the cankles start to go away, I now know why they are such a staple item. Now I LOVE my TOMS and FiveFingers, but here are a few others I'd squeal to have in my closet!
(click on picture for link)

I am a HUGE fan of Poetic License! I fell in love the first time I ever saw a pair. Unfortunately, I don't own a pair-but if I could have an entire closet of nothing but their shoes, I'd be happy.

Nike Free 3.0 Women's Running Shoe
These Tiffany Blue Nikes are absolutely gorgeous! I love my FiveFingers for running, but these would be cute casual shoes. I am sad they are sold out at the moment. 

Being the Anglophile that I am, how can I not adore these Hunter boots? 

Gilt Shoe Bows

These are totally 80's and I would wear them ALL OF THE TIME! 


I've wanted a pair of Doc Martins since 6th grade. Of course then I wanted the black patent leather...these are a bit of an upgrade. 

Belted Knit (Aztec Tribal) Panel Lace-Up Boots

Tell me these would not be FAB for the fall/winter?? I may just have to order these! 

lace booties

I tried a pair of these on awhile ago, and I kick myself for not getting them. These are totally sexy!! Of course, I wouldn't last long wearing them, but they are sooo nice! Could go with almost anything! 

Now, did you think I could have a shoe post without the master himself to appear? I love and nude pump, and Christian Louboutin has nailed it with this one. Oh how I want to slip my foot in these. In my opinion, this is actually Cinderella's shoe. Now, the $1065 price tag is a whole different fairy tale.

How did I do? Enjoy any of the shoes I posted?

What are some of your favorite styles, and where do you like to shop for shoes?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you have a strep!! AHH. NOT FUN. Hope you get better soon and i heart these shoes too!!

  2. Being sick sucks!!!!!!! Hope you get better soon mama!!! I love the shoes!! super cute!! I buy shoes from anywhere and everywhere haha lol. My favorite is boots. I have these black boots that I bought years ago for a halloween costume n love them I could wear them all day everyday!!!! I am super sad to admit they are facing there final days. I am not ready to give em up lol

  3. I hope you feel better, and soon!!!
    & those green heeled saddle shoes are stunning.

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