Saturday, September 08, 2012

How you know you're a stay at home mom.

1. You bust out the high chair and cheerios just so you can sit down for a few minutes.

2. You actually enjoy watching My Little Pony, just because it can silence a crying toddler.

3. Going pee alone is a vacation and taking a shower alone is a day at the spa.

4. You put on a dress, heels, and makeup just to go to yourself.

5. You have forgotten how to talk to on the phone without saying "GET OFF YOUR SISTER RIGHT NOW!" or "IF YOU DON'T GET OFF THAT THIS INSTANT!" or my favorite "PUT THE SHARPIE DOWN AND NO ONE GETS HURT!"

6. A date with your husband is when he has to take you to the doctor's office without the kids.

7. Sometimes fries and mashed potatoes for dinner just make sense.

8. Organized home posts on Pinterest have become your porn.

9. White anything is just cursed.

10. You realize that you could add 100 more funny things to this list....

and you should! I wanna hear them!


  1. *When only you can understand what the crying toddler is saying.
    *when you start to enjoy the kiddie tunes.
    *Sleeping past six a.m. is considered “sleeping in.”
    *You find your self still watching kid shows even when they are sleeping or not in the room (speaking of which I am watching sprout and abby is outside haha lol)
    *Fruit snacks and a cold juice box is a great snack(not just for the kiddies haha)
    *When one goes down the other gets up
    *When cleaning your room,cleaning the car,and shaving your legs just are not important enough to make it on the todo list. Unless someone is going to see them then we find ten minutes and do it lol.

    I love this post!!!!! So true!

    1. Hahaha! Those are good ones!! Love the last one!

  2. haha this is great! : ) I am so like that with the dressing up to go run errands! I feel like I NEVER get to dress up so I try to make the most of it when I hit up Target! ; ) hahaha

    1. EXACTLY! When I actually get to go somewhere, I don't know how to handle it. If G tells me to go out for the day, I take like 2 hours getting ready-even if I am just staying in town. lol!

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