Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Women of Independence: Wendi's Story

Ha. You guys thought I didn't have anyone more totally awesome stories to share, didn't you?

Well, you were wrong. Today I bring my special friend, Wendi. She is another fantastic women who has been apart of my life for a really long time. She's even cooler, because she was also a friend to my grandma when she was a kid. My grandma (who passed away in 2004 due to breast cancer) loved her some Wendi. So if my grandma though Wendi was cool, then she has to be pretty darn awesome!!

I'll be honest though, I am completely jealous of her. She is currently living in the one place I want to be more than anyone else!!! 

I'll let her tell ya that one.

Hi, I'm Wendi. I'm a mother of the sweetest girl you'll ever meet and an adorable little boy who runs on rechargeable batteries. My husband is in the United States Air Force. We've been together five years and have spent the last year and a half in England. This is only our second duty station and our first overseas tour. I have to be honest. This has been the hardest year and a half of my life so far. It has been full of tears, prayers, thankfulness and a greater appreciation for the wonderful things in my life. It's been hard work to put on a smile every day but I do, and I want to tell you why. 

I am truly a blessed Woman. I know many people aren't 'religious' but I have to say that I couldn't have made it through this time with out relying on my Jesus. 

Let me lay out my situation for you. We arrived bright and early (covered in baby puke) February 28, 2011 at the London Heathrow airport in England. It was far from a sigh of relief. All I could do was worry. We left behind my Dad who was in a horrible motorcycle accident in November. Though by this point, he had made a miraculous recovery and had managed to walk my sister down the isle at her wedding only four months later, he, my mom and his job were still heavy on my heart. At least we were in an English speaking nation, right?

I found over the next several months that my husband was not copping. My grandpa was sick and my parents were staying positive but struggling. I wished I could be as positive and happy as my Dad was. I've truly been learning to trust God more.

But in the mist of all my struggles I had a husband who needed me. So I decided to push my feelings aside and focus on him. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I believe it was but I held in to much for to long. I tried to make things perfect for him at home. Of course, this became overwhelming and it all came to a head. Both of us breaking down and it wasn't pretty. We took the time to explain our hurts and frustrations. Feelings were hurt, hugs given, forgiveness asked, then given and most importantly we communicated and we are moving forward. He still feels overwhelmed with work and I take time to listen and hear him out. He just wants an ear and I'm here for him whenever he needs it. I've stopped asking him about work because when he's ready to talk he will initiate. Its important that I listen to him on his schedule, not mine. I know I don't have to hold in my pain. My husband is here for me. He is the open heart and ears God has put on this earth for me and I strive to be the same for him. 
I am immensely proud of how far my husband and I have come. We are closer and stronger then before. I want to end with a quote from my husband. We discussed how many spouses when finding they have their first overseas tour say that it will either make or break them. To this my husband said "They shouldn't say this will make or break them, but they should say 'We will get thru this and it will make us stronger!"

She's amazing isn't she!??

Thanks so much Wendi, for sharing your struggles and triumphs while supporting one of the brace men who has given us the freedom to celebrate today!

Happy Independence Day!!!


  1. Your So Welcome! I'm honored to be apart of such a wonderful series! Thank you!


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