Monday, June 25, 2012

Let Freedom Ring...

Haha. I got that Martina song stuck in your head now, huh? Well good. Cause its super stuck in mine!

I am extremely excited for this 4th of July coming up-no idea why, but I am. 

Guess it just gets you in the mood for happiness, a cold one, and the grill. In honor of that day coming up-here are some fab ideas I find while searching the web.

(Click on images for the direct link NOT a Pinterest link. It's not nice to not link back to the original)


What a great breakfast to wake up to! I bet the kiddos would really enjoy this as well! 

main pic
You might think these shoes are tacky-but I personally would get pretty sassy in them. Not for $145 of course.

This site actually shoes you step by step how to make these awesome cookies. You may think these are just for soldiers, but I know a few country boys (and girls!) who would adore some camo cookies. 

Hit the Marquee Dress - Blue, Red, White, Stripes, Beads, Bows, Casual, Sheath / Shift, Short Sleeves, Mid-length

Oh Modcloth, you never let me down. I really need this dress in my life.

Spangled Sandwich Pops

How easy is this?? The possibilities are endless!!

Here is a perfect printable (FREE!) for the holidays. 

This is also another free printable! She shows you all the different ways you can use it-like as a candy bay wrapper! Great for the kids to pass out!

Now, if this doesn't get you in the mood for some real American tradition-I don't know what will!!

So what does your family do for the 4th? We usually grill out or get on my BIL's boat on the lake...or both! 

Don't forget to check out some information from the Body by Vi Challenge that I am doing! 

Great stuff! My mom has been doing the challenge for 2 days and has already lost 2lbs! 


  1. Love these posts! Those ice cream sandwiches look SO easy...GENIUS!

    1. Now I need to add...Yes, you definitely did get Martina stuck in my head because I've been "hearing" her all day! ; )

  2. such cute ideas - and i really love that modcloth dress too!
    excited to be your newest follower!

  3. Omg, i saw those shoes and really wanted them (not for that price though, lol). This year for the 4th we are spending time at a festival at RAF Feltwell here in England. We usually grill out but i think it would be great to get out and celebrate with other American's!


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