Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I have a dream...

That one day, Christians in American would stop worrying about the American Dream, and start worrying about the lives of others.

That Christians would stop worrying about the opinions of others, and focus on the commands of Jesus.

That Christians would truly love their neighbor-even when it may hurt and possibly be uncomfortable.

That Christians would get out of their heads that "love" is a feeling and that you are only motivated to act by that feeling-but to understand that it's a verb, and you love even when you don't want to.

That Christians would stop "interpreting" what Jesus meant in the Bible.

That Christians would stop living these lukewarm lives as if they won't have to face a consequence for it.

That Christians would stop labeling people "radical" or putting them on a pedestal when they tithe like their supposed to, lay hands on people for healing, or stand-up against gay marriage or abortion. 

That Christians would stop thinking that though the world hated Jesus, that it won't hate you. 

That Christians would stop feeling like they were sent to be served-but realized they are here to serve.

That Christians would realize that Christianity isn't a religion-it's a relationship with Jesus.

That Christians would understand that we are a body of Christ-there is supposed to be NO NEEDS in the church...why are people starving in some of the richest churches in American?

That Christians would realize that Christ didn't come to make us feel good about ourselves-He came to expose the sin in our lives and show us how to get rid of it. The Refiner's Fire is painful, but in the end-you come out like glistening gold. 

That Christians would truly TRY to understand and fathom the amazingness of God Almighty. Stop trying to compare Him to creation...He is the Creator. 

Sorry guys, it was one of those days that I needed to just get this out. Most of this is about myself.


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