Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Moosey Says 2.0

Just waking up.

Here she goes again!

"Mommy, I gotta go to the post office to drop off this paper. Then I've gotta go to school. Mommy, I need your car."

Cashe had ripped his diaper off then peed on the floor. "Mommy! Look! Cashe's butt is leaking! That's why he took his diaper off!"

We sometimes call Cashe "Cashe Man"...apparently Moosey thinks that is actually his name.
"Cashe Man Burleson! Stop that right now!"

Melody: "Daddy, my leg hurts."
G: "Want me to kiss it and make it better?"
Melody: "No, just pray for me."

So Moosey learned about Mary and Martha in Sunday school. She even made stick puppets where Mary looks happy and Martha looks sad/mad. When asked why Martha was mad she replied-

"Martha was mad because she couldn't go to Wal-Mart."

"You gotta push that pee out, Cashe! You gotta do it so you can poop and go on the potty!"

Deep insight there ladies and gentlemen.

So what crazy stuff do your kids say? Would LOVE to hear them!


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