Friday, March 09, 2012

Moosey Says #1

This is my absolutely beautiful daughter.
She is a bit obsessed with makeup nowadays. And yes, she closed her eyes on purpose. She has been doing that in every picture lately. No clue why.

If you read Deanna's blog Delirious Rhapsody, then you know she has a weekly segment called "Gage Says". 
It's piece about all of the hilarious things her toddler son says. And believe me, they are the funnest things in the world! I enjoy reading that post every week. 

Well, Moosey (No, not her real name. It's been her nickname since she was born) has begun to say some pretty funny stuff, so I thought this would be a great way to document it. No where near as funny as little Gage, but still funny nonetheless.

Here are a few blurbs from this week:

"Mommy, are you getting a new baby? Cause you know, Cashe don't hit babies."

"When I sit on the potty I'll get my bunny gummies you got from the ABC store."

She stayed at my mom's the other day, and when she came home my hubby asked her if she wanted to come home. Her response: " Yeah Daddy, I had to come home to I could play with your phone."

"Mommy, I NEED my makeup!"

So, that's it for this week. I gotta do better at documenting what she says. She says funny things all day long, but she also talks and talks and talks and talks and talks all day long too. At times, I kind of tune her out for sanity's sake. 

Am I the only mom that has to do that?


  1. omg roman closes his eyes in his pictures too and laughs about it!!!!!


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