Monday, March 05, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Entertainment Tonight

As I told you guys before, a friend of mine is hosting a Hunger Games party for the premeire and I am totally stoked! 

We are supposed to get dressed up, and I have decided to go as Effie Trinket! I am not fond of her character exactly, but her style is going to be fun to copy. There isn't much to go on since the movie isn't out yet, but one can only imagine the craziness Elizabeth Banks will be dressed up in. 

And if you are wondering, yes-I am going to dye my hair pale pink! Or at least part of the way. My hair is pretty dark right now, so I don't want to stress it out too much, but I think my summer hair look will officially be a pale pink, like this:

Google Images

Isn't is awesome! I can't wait to do this. It's really out of my comfort zone, but I haven't done anything crazy to my hair in a really long time.

So, any ideas about Effie's outfit? I have bright teal heels I plan on wearing, but that's about all I have.

I need your ideas!!


  1. I still need to read this! I keep getting recommendations left and right. As soon as I have five seconds to myself, I will!

    Good call on the pink hair! Post pics!!

    1. You HAVE to Amy! If you loved the Twilight series, you will FREAK over this one!

    2. I bought it today!!! I'm only 7 pages in and I'm already into it!


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