Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12 hours.

9 months preggo! Could have been mistaken for a momma hippo, easily!

That's how many hours I was in labor three years ago today! Moosey turns three today!

She barely cried at all when she came out. 6lbs 15. oz 19.5 inches

It blows my mind how quickly times has flown. It feels like only yesterday I wobbled into the hospital to be induced for labor. I learned a lot that day. I learned that God NEVER intended on using a chemical to force your body into labor. I also learned that some people are just not meant to be baby doctors. I learned that being in labor during March Madness is hell, and to never invite the men in the room if there's a TV.

First time G ever fed her! They were naturals!

The most amazing lesson I learned-was that God really does love me. Why else would he wipe every bit of the pain away and bless me with a gorgeous, tiny little human to take care of? She was perfect. Her head looked like an alien, but never in my life did I see a more beautiful little girl. 

First snow!

Each day this little human shocks the heck out of me. I don't know where she got her smarts from, but definitely not from me! 
First birthday! 

From knowing her shapes and colors, to being able to tell you what songs her daddy plays if they come on the radio-she delights and inspires me quite often. 

Poor bald little girl!

Thank you Lord for such an amazing child. Not sure why you thought I was the best option to be her mother-but I am blessed and honored that I am. 

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