Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Simple day.

This is the face of a little snot nosed boy that is supposed to be taking a nap like his big sister. *sigh* It rarely seems to work out that they actually take naps at the same time. He did however shower me with his snotty and slobbery kisses for awhile. Now he's trying to climb from the couch to on top of the side table. Oh boy. 

My day has been pretty simplistic. I almost feel like I am under house arrest. The past few days, I have had to stay at home waiting for the heating people to either call or come by. They either don't or come by after G gets home from work. Today is another one of those days. The heating people we supposed to come by, and they haven't and my hubs will be home in about 30 mins. 
I did clean up some and do a bit of laundry, but I was DYING to get out today in this pretty weather. 
I am surprised at how well my kids have bee the past couple days. 
So I snagged this beauty of a book at Food Lion for 1.99. I loved the cover. And the fact that the little girl's name is Adele. I thought that was a pretty kick butt name for a girl. Not sure why, but it is. 

I also picked up this cute set of forks and spoons for the little ones at well. The brand is Re-Play and I picked them up at Walmart for less than 3 bucks. They are made from recycled milk jugs! How awesome is that. They also have bowls and plates that I plan on getting as well. I snagged a set of two sippy cups for the kids too. All their stuff was from IKEA, but it was looking pretty bad, AND I didn't realize they weren't BPA free. So I am trying to get them new stuff, and I love that these are American and made from recycled materials. 

Other than this, my day is extremely laid back. I do need to workout since I kinda sorta slept in until 9! I will be making some No Bake Energy Balls I found on Pinterest as well. I'll share how those turned out tomorrow! 

What has your day been like?

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