Monday, January 16, 2012

Most important meal.

Oh breakfast, how I love thee. 

I really and truly do. It is by far my favorite meal, and I love playing around with it. Ever since I vowed to get healthy in 2012, breakfast has been the most fun to come up with yummy things to eat. 

So what did me and Ms. Moosey (my daughter's nickname. Has no meaning. It is just what my mom starting calling her the day she was born. Everyone calls her that now) have this morning?

This is Moosey's of course. She had cinnamon toast, with raisins and blackberries. She also had a bit of green apple since her little brother had some.

My plate! Yummy blackberries, granny smith's with a sprinkle of coarse sea-salt, and a slice of Jewish rye bread with vegan butter and chia seeds. YUM YUM YUM!

Washed it down with this bargain friendly wonder. Yup, .50 at Big Lots! I will be picking up more of these TODAY! These use Stevia instead of sugar-and it's the last ingredient! Both of my kids gobbled this up too.

Well, now I have to be stuck in the house until the guy gets here to fix our heater. It's been broke since before Thanksgiving. We have little space heaters all around the house. The big company in town quoted a LARGE amount of money, but we just tried a smaller local business, and they worked out an awesome deal.

Praise the Lord who provides!

What's your day been like today? Anything special going on?

Much love and yumminess, 


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