Monday, January 30, 2012


This is the real me. 7:49pm at night. Just put son to bed and built a "house" for Moosey out of blankets. 
This is me. Sans makeup and clean hair, desperately needing a shower.
This is me after a few hours of pulling out my hair and stubbing toes on wooden fruit.
This is me after popping legs for disobedience and kissing fake boo-boos.
This is me after a day doing a killer kettlebell  workout, yet being too tired to actually cook a real dinner. (It's just me and the kids)
This is me working on the computer, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, Pinteresting, and trying to get my etsy shop back up and running.
This is also me finishing up school work so I don't have to deal with it the rest of the week.
This is me trying to work on the computer now, so I can spend some real time with my Jesus. 
This is me contemplating how to be a better wife and mom.
This is me wishing I could turn this house that I hate into a home.
This is me trying to figure out what I am doing in this world, and what is my purpose.
This is me daydreaming of moving to Asheville, opening up a handmade shop, and getting more tattoos.
This is me hoping that one day, my husband will be home at night and will have a job that makes him happy-because he loves it.
This is me asking God to put my husband and I into a ministry where we can be used by Him
This is me hoping that we won't be old when He decides we are ready to take on that task.
This is me having a slight bit of baby fever.
This is me not wanting to get pregnant until I get this dang weight off.
This is me hoping that one day, I'll have that great best friend to pray with, go antiquing with, have play dates with, and be able to take stupid Instagram photos with.


  1. I.Love.This.Post!!!
    I would be your best friend! ;)

    1. Well I am packing up now and moving to your neck of the woods!!!


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