Monday, January 23, 2012

Ikea iheart thee...

I am so happy that there is an Ikea so close by! Only about 45 mins away is a huge warehouse sized store of greatness. You literally have to make a day out of it. Once you're in-there is no going back!

My hubby and I are trying to organize our home, plus we have gotten rid of so much crap, it was time to streamline some things. Here are just a few of the highly inexpensive items we picked up.
Okay, so this little guy has nothing to do with streamlining, and everything to do with our (hubby and I) 
disgust with modern toys. We recently cleaned house in a sense when it came to our children's toys. Most of them were modern electronic ones that did nothing for building their imaginations or any sort of skill. I think they were created to drive us mad. We decided to try to replace their toys with ones that made them actually use their minds. Call us toy Nazis if you want-but our kids like these kinds of toys better. My daughter has been playing with the 10 dollar wooden train set we got from Ikea forever. That's the first thing she wanted to play with (and this Mr.Broccoli guy) when she got up this morning. She hasn't even asked for any of the toys we got rid of last week.
Now this baby was a find! It's a large chopping board that goes over your counter. It's nice because it looks good, was ten bucks, and I don't have to haul it in and our of our small cabinets!
My curtains for the living room. Ten bucks a pair! They look white here, but actually look more like muslin in person. They reminded me of some I had seen at Urban Outfitters, but at like 40 bucks a panel-that's just not cutting it. I got these because my current curtains are brown with a damask print. Very pretty, just not my style.
Another adorable toy set! I think this was about 8 dollars. I have been wanting to get the kids the felt food for awhile, but they are pretty pricey. The Melissa and Doug sets are about 20 bucks. I am trying to buy one set here and there because the hubs is going to be building the little ones a mini kitchen. I can't stand those plastic ones from Walmart. SOOOOO tacky.
Then there is this. Probably one of the most famous Ikea finds. I needed a wine rack, but it had to be one I could hang up so the kids wouldn't be knocking back a bottle. We put this on the side of a top cabinet and it looks great. But alas, I only had one bottle to put in it!

What are your favorite Ikea finds? Have you ever been to one?

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  1. I love those veggies! Need to remember that for when my son is a bit older. Ikea is the best...I need to take a trip soon!

    P.S. I love green smoothies too. They're my fave. Especially with some berries or some Vega protein powder mixed in!

    1. I haven't tried the Vega protein yet! I gotta try that out! I usually put tons of berries, with kale, coconut water an chia seeds. They are wonderful!

      And yes, definitely check out all the soft toys at Ikea! They have fruits, and desserts too!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I think my husband and I need an IKEA trip when he gets home! I already wanted to buy some adorable little shelves for books in Judahs room or in my living room wall. Do something crafty with all his books ;-)

    But I AM LOVING the non battery operated toys!!!! Also the curtains!! Are you kidding me only $10??? When we tried to register for our wedding 2 years ago I wanted to get new long curtains for our basement and the cheapest ones were $75 a curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond! I wasn't about to register for a curtain that would be the cost for a blender

    1. Hahaha! I understand that! They were definitely a steal! I put them in the cart the moment I saw them. Ikea now has a Family Card you can register for and get even more of a discount! You even get free coffee and tea each time you stop by!

      I love their kids toys. We are really trying to get away from the crap toys of this day and age, so Ikea is a great place to start!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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