Monday, January 30, 2012

10 Etsy loves

So here are some fabulous items I found while checking out Etsy. Next to Pinterest, its my crack.
Deer Shoes - Sleepy Fawn Mary Janes - Ladies Size 10

I would absolutely wear these every day! I love fawns :)  Seriously considering a fawn tat. What do you think?

matryoshka russian doll pillows chlidrens  plush set of 3 screen printed

I want these dolls for Moosey (Melody, my two year old)  to play with! They look so pretty!

valentine owl  "always kiss me good night" home decor
This one goes without saying. I love love love owls :)

Cotton/Linen Tea Towel, Hand Printed, Eat Your Veggies in Citrus
I want to collect tea towels. This was just screams to come home with me!

Cotton/Linen Tea Towel, Hand Printed & Inspired by Mom, Slate Blue
Another tea towel from printinggrounds! They have TONS of really fun ones. 

vintage 1983 Care Bears bright yellow child's vinyl suitcase

This is so dang cute. Definitely want to grab this and head on a jet plane.

Nook 1st Edition Cover Inspired by Doctor Who's TARDIS

This is a TARDIS cover for your nook! I want this SOOOO BAD! I need to make an entire post about all the awesome Doctor Who stuff I find!
Teething Babies Toys - Organic Tool Set

These teethers are the bees knees! Next baby, I am definitely going this route! They are super pretty and  seem to be a lot better for baby than those ugly plastic ones. 

Little Playful Hedgehog - Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Studs are my favorite. I think I would love them even more with hedgehogs!
I Am Not A Nugget, Vegan, Vegetarian, Chicken Nugget - PIN or MAGNET

I already advocate for people to stay away from nasty nuggets, so I think I need this. I do have a  PETA sticker that says the same thing on my laptop. Look up the ingredients in McDonald's nuggets. It will seriously gross you out.

So that's it for today guys! I am thinking of doing this every Monday! Come back next week and see what other goodies I find!


  1. Thanks for sharing my pin! I agree, Mc'D's nuggets... nasty!

  2. Great Blog, thanks for choosing my russian doll pillows. I love all your other choices also.

  3. Thanks for including my studs in this cute items group :D

  4. Great taste :) Thanks so much for giving our vintage suitcase some blog love!

  5. love the care bear suitcase! so cute! :)

  6. I ordered that Doctor Who case and it never arrived. I had to ask the seller for a refund. Very disappointing as that was a cool case.

    1. No way! That's totally not cool! It is such an awesome case-I hate that you never got it!


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