Saturday, December 10, 2011

Already thinking about 2012.'s been a week since my little man turned a year old. It amazes me how fast they grow. While reflecting on the past year, it dawned on me-I did not, in any way, shape or fashion, make the best of this past year. I spent most of my year living a pretty mundane life. I didn't add excitement to my children's lives. I wasn't the exceptional wife that I wanted to be. I spent a good portion complaining about everything that has been going on, and not dwelling on the good. Huge. Character. Flaw. I don't want to be like that anymore. I don't want to bring negativity in my home. I wear my heart and feelings on my sleeve and it may be time to put them away. I don't want my children to ever know what hardships their father and I may have to go through. I don't want them to look back as adults and say that they enjoyed their childhood. So, I plan on making these changes BEFORE the new year. I even have my resolutions down pat.

1. Be less negative. This was my resolution for last year, but I still didn't hold on to it. My children are definitely my motivation this time around.

2. Work on my book. Yes. I have wanted to write a book for some time, but I have been a bit embarrassed to say so. Now-I don't care. I am going to do it anyways.

3. Go back to school. Already doing that. I start back on Monday! I will be going to Grand Canyon University, which is a Christian school out in Phoenix. It's an actually university, not just an online school. I will be getting my BA in English Literature! I am beyond excited!

4. Make my house a home. Although I despise this house (everything keeps breaking and I am not fond of the town we live in) I can't keep living like I do. I gotta put my big girl panties on and start loving what God has blessed me with.

5. Be more of a people person. The years that have gone by without much social interaction has done something to me internally. I am not the outgoing person that I used to be. A lot has changed since I got married and became a SAHM. I would not change it for the world, but I have gotten lost a long the way. I got to get back into knowing how to be a person, around real people-not just on the computer.

6. Get healthy. I have already lost 35 lbs, but I have a long way to go. Fifty-five more to be exact. I also want to finish the process to becoming vegan. Our household is already vegetarian, and mostly dairy free, but there are a few things here and there that need to be changed. Also, changing how we eat when we are out is another challenge. We tend to eat like everyone else depending on who we are around-that's gotta stop. We know we want to be vegan, and we stand by our reasons; now we just have to make everyone else understand.

7. Get closer to God. In my bitterness at recent events, I have pushed Him away more than ever. Not sure why I feel like I can doing anything without Him, but it is a struggle. I think that is where the dead feeling comes from. In fact, I know that's where it comes from. So, this is what has to change before anything, because, who am I without Him?

8. Etsy shop. Hmmm. I did this before, but wasn't too dedicated to it. Now I want to be. Not sure any details, but I am thinking it over even as I write this.

9. Blogging. I have to get better at this. When I am on top of my blog, I feel like I can get most of my frustration out in words. I feel almost cleansed. Not to mention all the wonderful people I get to meet from doing it!

10. Oh  yea....did I mention I want to run a 5k in the Spring? More reason to get off my butt and get back to running! The cold can't be my excuse anymore.

11. Couponing. I have been so slack it's unreal. Being that I will be teaching at the local college beginning in January  I better get on it. I must perfect my skills again. Plus, we NEED for me to get back into it!

So that's the low down on what I have been thinking about these past weeks. I hope you all will hold me accountable for these things. I depend on it!


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