Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Breakfast Ideas

I know. I took a break. It's been a whirl wind around here and that's all there really is to that. From my hubby's birthday to attempting to purge the entire house-blogging got put to the side for awhile. But I am back! Next week, I will start back with my weekly weigh-ins. I kinda fell off the good-eating bandwagon and now have hopped back on.

Speaking of healthy eating, I came across this list from Vegan Soapbox this morning and thought I would share. 101 vegan breakfast ideas. Yummy time!

  1. Oatmeal with blueberries and agave nectar.
  2. Vegan breakfast cereal with soy milk or almond milk.
  3. Fresh fruit platter and tea.
  4. Green smoothie.
  5. Quinoa with raisins, brown sugar, and a drizzle of non-dairy milk.
  6. Coconut yogurt with strawberries.
  7. Banana and berry smoothie (using soy milk or water).
  8. English muffin with peanut butter.
  9. Apples and almond butter.
  10. Soy cream filled vegan donuts and coffee.
  11. Toast with boysenberry jam.
  12. Tofu scramble with tomatoes and bell peppers.
  13. Seitan bacon strips with fried potatoes.
  14. Grits with vegan margarine.
  15. Vegan hot cross buns.
  16. Whole wheat vegan pancakes and mimosas.
  17. Natto and rice.
  18. Vegan french toast and apple juice.
  19. Rice porridge with sweet coconut milk.
  20. Vegan apple spice muffins and orange juice.
  21. Raw energy bar (home-made or store-bought, doesn’t matter).
  22. Potato skillet with onion, peppers, and seasoned tempeh crumbles.
  23. Vegan scones and hot chocolate (made with rice milk).
  24. Veggie sausage and home fries.
  25. Cubed potato and chopped spinach breakfast wrap.
  26. English baked beans (vegan version) sliced tomato and toast.
  27. Vegan cinnamon coffee cake.
  28. Onion bagel with hummus.
  29. Breakfast burrito with hashbrowns, vegan cheese, salsa and tofu.
  30. Raspberries atop vegan crepes.
  31. Granola and hemp milk.
  32. Fruit and soy yogurt breakfast parfait.
  33. Nutty baked breakfast bar.
  34. Banana walnut muffins with a dab of vegan margarine.
  35. Apple cinnamon oatmeal (or try couscous instead!)
  36. Morning hash: sweet potato with beans and corn.
  37. Potato pancakes with apple sauce.
  38. High protein hemp shake.
  39. Tofu frittata.
  40. Silver dollar diner-style vegan pancakes.
  41. A whole watermelon.
  42. Vegan cinnamon rolls with raisins.
  43. Chocolate and almond smoothie.
  44. Soy chorizo wrapped in corn tortillas.
  45. Veggie breakfast casserole.
  46. Blueberry bagel with soy cream cheese.
  47. Mini morning vegan cupcakes (sweet muffins).
  48. Zucchini and tofu skillet.
  49. Breakfast banana split (use non-dairy yogurt instead of ice cream, drizzle the chocolate, top with nuts and berries).
  50. Veggie breakfast sausage English muffin sandwich.
  51. Potato hashbrowns drizzled with maple syrup.
  52. Raw muesli with raw almond milk.
  53. Cold vegan pizza from last night.
  54. Vegan danish mail-ordered from a vegan Etsy baker.
  55. Avocado and tomato on wheat toast.
  56. Grapefruit, coffee, and a newspaper.
  57. White-bread peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Times two.
  58. Breakfast banana bread.
  59. Tropical smoothie.
  60. French baguette with orange marmalade.
  61. Steel-cut oats with strawberries.
  62. Figs and Gouda-style Sheese.
  63. Granola bar.
  64. Lemon-flavored soy yogurt.
  65. Oatmeal flapjacks.
  66. Baked apples and a glass of almond milk.
  67. Breakfast date squares.
  68. Fruit salad sweetened with agave.
  69. Hair of the dog.
  70. Savory tomato and chives vegan crepes.
  71. Lentil and potato hash.
  72. Morning mushroom mash-up (mushrooms, potatoes, spices, and whatever).
  73. Raspberry pierogies.
  74. Vegan apple fritter from Ronald’s Donuts.
  75. Bran muffin and cranberry juice.
  76. Soy cream cheese blintzes.
  77. Fruit dosa.
  78. Orange morning cake and hot lemon tea.
  79. Cashew butter and bananas on toast.
  80. Vegan omelet from Real Food Daily.
  81. Flower power salad (squash and squash flower salad).
  82. Mid-morning TVP taco.
  83. Grapes and nuts.
  84. Grilled black bean and corn breakfast burrito.
  85. Veggie fritters and mushroom gravy.
  86. Sourdough toast buttered with vegan margarine and Teeccino.
  87. Half a cantaloupe filled with berry soy yogurt.
  88. Veg-chick patty and Vegenaise on a breakfast bun.
  89. Vegan sausage links, coffee, and a biscuit.
  90. Creamed crumbles on toast (use non-dairy creamer, vegan Worcestershire sauce, and flour to creamify the veggie crumbles).
  91. Mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar.
  92. Jelly and soy cream cheese tortilla roll-up.
  93. Trail mix.
  94. Corn muffins and tofurky.
  95. Vegan chai (tea with non-dairy milk and spices).
  96. Rice cakes with peanut butter and orange frappe.
  97. Vegan sourdough pancakes.
  98. Daiya vegan cheese melted atop a tomato slice and rye bread.
  99. Artichoke breakfast torte.
  100. Those stout pancakes from Vegan Brunch.
  101. Tofu rancheros.


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