Sunday, August 14, 2011

No TV.

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Well, at least in the living room. Have you ever wondered why on earth the TV has become the center of the American household? Well my husband and I have. We have realized over the past month how much time we really spend watching TV. We had planned to just cut cable (which we have only had cable for less than two years. We didn't have cable, phone or Internet for the first year we were married) but since we are in contract, we can't do that just yet. So, my wonderful husband came up with a plan.

We had already gave away out little flat screen that we had in the bedroom. We didn't see the point since we really didn't watch TV up there. Honestly, we don't spend too much time upstairs anyways. So the only TV we had was our flat screen that G had before we got married that was in the living room. Our living room is pretty awkward and small, so trying to decorate has been a pain. Trying to make sure everyone can see the TV. Making sure the TV is center. Blah blah blah. Well, my husband finally came to me and said we should just take it upstairs to our bedroom. That way, we wouldn't watch very much. We wouldn't eat in front of the TV. Ours kids would also not have the opportunity to watch it too much either. So that is EXACTLY what we did.

My momma, (who used to be an interior decorator) came over and helped me rearrange our living room. I am in love. So much room and not much clutter. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulder. Yea, we can't really invite people over to watch movies-but this will makes our entertaining life more interesting. We actually have to get creative!

This is definitely a new thing. I have never been to any one's house that the TV wasn't the center. I am tired of wasting away in front of that thing. I do enjoy certain shows, and I do love pro football. But there is no reason to have that thing on all day long. It clutters my head. I tend to have it on for no reason-even when I am not watching it.

Can't wait to see how this small change will make big changes on how we spend time as a family at home.

Will keep you posted :)

D. Lynn


  1. GREAT IDEA!!! i have had this idea in the back of my mind for a long time, but unfortunately my husband is not on board quite yet! Keep us updated on how the creativity goes!

  2. I definitely understand that, Lisa! I was shocked when it was my husband to make the decision. That's what prayer will get ya ;)

  3. I, luckily, have never been a TV person. I "MAY" watch 5 hours a month. But I did say last night to Tommy as we were BOTH on computers that I really hate how much our lives are spend online. It's like we feel we have to be "connected" at all times. I think I feel a change acoming :). PRAY for me LOL


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