Monday, August 22, 2011

Im still here!!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a second to say that I am so sorry for being a complete and utter blog procrastinator! My absence has not been intentional. This summer has been wide open with my two young boys running me ragged. I am so looking forward to Thursday, the start of a new school year, and perhaps some structure and order to our crazy lives. I am entering my last semester of college. I will be graduating from Gardner Webb University with a BS in Human Services in Dec. This is a huge accomplishment for has taken me 10 years to finally complete! One day I may share my testimony, if God leads, and it will explain more on why it has taken me so long. My husband, Rodney, who is a worship leader for our church, started college this week. His first week of his Freshman year at 31 years old! Im so proud of him. Anyway, Im going to cut this short, but I will be returning....more consistently when things calm down a little!

I do, however, have a crafty little tid bit to leave you with. Since Dominique is the "crafty" one of the two of us, I am very excited to say, I did this all on my own! :)

My boys needed curtains. We actually need curtains all over the house. I wanted the Energy Efficient ones, but they are SOOO expensive. Dom and I were shopping at Big Lots one night, and I saw some blankets. The boys have a bright blue shag rug in their room, and these blankets were smaller size, and were blue with red outline. They look like Superman capes. I thought, "hmmm." I looked at some curtain rods (cheap-o) and some curtain clips (again, cheap). The blankets were $5 a piece, and they are heavy and block out light. I plan to sew some Superman emblems on them, but for about $12 bucks, they make great energy efficient curtains! :)

Sorry that the pic is sideways. You get the idea though. :)


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