Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home Management Binders!

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Oh organizing, how I love thee. It's true! I enjoy organizing anything and everything!! I am going to start doing a week-by-week process with you guys-organizing one thing at a time.

First off, it's time to make a Home Management Binder. This is literally going to be your command center for your home!

Since I don't have my camera on hand right now, I won't be able to take pictures of mine until later on in the week.

Here is what you will need-

Binder (2" is ideal)
Page Protectors
Labels or Dividers
Print-Outs (I will give you the links)

That's all you will need! Now, what kind of information goes into a Home Management binder? Here are some catagories-

-Cleaning schedule and checklists
-Chore lists for kids
-Meal Planning
-Pantry and Freezer Inventory
-Information for babysitter
-Grocery list
-Project List
-Medical Information
-Important phone numbers
-Spring Cleaning Checklist
-Fall Cleaning Checklist
-Potty Chart

The ideas will go on and on!

Here are some awesome websites for free printables!

Everything Mom

Starry Sky Ranch

The Project Girl

Buttoned Up

Organized Home

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