Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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Okay, I have the most awesome story to tell you.

The past two days have been rough. I have been running numbers in my head, asking myself how in the world are we going to make it to next friday. We have notta in the bank. Instead of trusting the Lord, I have been putting my trust in my husband's paychecks.

Also, I got super angry with God last night. I was upset because I didn't think He was listening. My son had been screaming all night long. I begged God to make him stop. Nothing I was doing was working. So I got mad. Very mad.

This morning, my mom offered to pay to take Little Man in to get his ears checked again. I thought it was bogus, but did it anyways. I didn't feel that he had another ear infection, but took him in just to be certain.

We get up to the desk to sign in and pay our whopping $40 co-pay. The nurse asked for my insurance card. I look in my wallet-it's not there. Super weird. Not sure why it would be in there. So I fumble around in my wallet and lift up a flap in there that I didn't even know the darn thing had. What was in there? A CRISP, BRAND NEW, 100 DOLLAR BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is INSANE I tell ya! There is NO WAY that money could have got there. We don't take out big bills. No one touches my wallet. This is totally a God thing!!!!! It covered everything I needed to get to next pay check. I almost cried in that doctor's office. I felt like He was saying, "So, you don't think I listen? What about YOU? You don't listen very well." And He's right. I don't. I know what His Word says about how He will take care of us-but very seldom do I walk in that. So here I am, very humbled. I had to share this. If anyone is hurting and thinks no one is listen-trust me. He is.


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