Friday, August 26, 2011

Did You Know?

I totally forgot to post about this. I learned some gnarly info at the pediatrician's office a few days ago. We took Little Man in because he was being overly irritable at night. He had an ear infection a few weeks ago, and we went to get him checked out again. No ear infection, BUT our pediatrician stated that it could be from the Tylenol or Motrin we had been giving him. She said that we needed to start purchasing dye-free because the others are filled with upteen x's more sugar than the dye-free formula. She knows that we don't allow our kids much sugar, and believed he was waking at night from being wired from the medicine. (He has a tooth that has been trying to break though for about 3 weeks, we can see it-but can't feel it poor guy.) We tried it-and WOW! Totally different. He sleeps a heck of a lot better. He went from waking about 4-6 times a night and staying up, to one time a night and falling right back to sleep. Even his naps have been better.

In other words, try this out if you have been giving you little one medicine to cope with teething pain. I find this was awesome advice!


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