Friday, August 05, 2011

Coupon Basics #1

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Anyone who knows me knows I have a real passion for coupons. Why? Because I really have saved a ton of money from it. You can honestly save anywhere from 45-90% on your grocery bill with coupons. So, I have started this series to help any of you that is interested. Just know that everything I teach is legal and ethical. God has blessed me in abundance with couponing, so I will not trade that for anything other that what is right. Also, when you coupon-think of others.

"At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what they need." 2 Corinthians 8:14

So where do we get all of those coupons? Plenty of places!

-Sunday Papers: This is the most obvious choice. I pick up four papers every Sunday. I like to make sure that if there is a hott coupon, I will have multiples. The beginning of the month is always the best. That is when Proctor & Gamble puts out their coupon booklet. It usually contains over $100 worth of coupons in it!

-Online Printables: This is another great way to get coupons. There are numerous sites you can go on! Such as-,,,, Check these sites out. Also, play around with the zip code search as well. There will be different coupons for different regions. 

-Peelies- These are exactly what they sound like. They are the little sticker that is stuck to certain products at the store. Now please, don't clear out every coupon there is-although I have heard a lot of vendors say they don't care who gets the coupon, because the product will get sold either way-don't go crazy.

-Tear Pads: These are also located randomly throughout stores. When I see one of these, I do tear off a few. I have used these plenty of times! I love finding these.

-Blinkies: These are the coupons that spit out of the blinking box. These can be good coupons too, but most will not double. Keep that in mind.

-Emailing Companies: I could not tell you how many companies I have sent quick emails to asking for coupons and they have responded generously! From diapers to peanut butter, if there is a product you really like, but are not finding a coupon-just ask!

-Free Samples: There are plenty of blogs out there that will post when companies are offering free samples. I suggest you pick one and check it regularly. I use She posts throughout the day and I have received magazine subscriptions, tshirts, toothpaste, diapers, coupons, drinks, notebooks, etc. from this site! The great thing about getting these free items is not just that they are free, but they usually come with coupons!

-Home Made Simple: This is a coupon booklet that you can send off for every thirty days. Many people in the coupon world sign up for this. I suggest you do too! Home Made Simple.

-Research Companies: There are so many groups out there that want you to try their products and give them feedback. If you are going to sign up for these mailings, make sure you have a spam email. You will get tons, but sometimes, they will be filled with awesome stuff!

-P&G Sampler- This is a sampler box that Proctor and Gamble send out for free. Its filled with samples of their products and tons of coupons.  P&G Sampler

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