Monday, July 25, 2011's mine!

Since Dominique set her first goal, I will not only match it, by doing the same....I will add something a little extra. I have a book of devotions by Joyce Meyer. (DON'T DELETE US JUST YET!!) It was recommended by a professional counselor because Satan knows that my heart is unattainable for him, so he attacks my mind, as he does so many other people. I am often a little neurotic, and constantly worried about what others think. Like i mentioned before, I deal with ADD daily, and I feel so scatterbrained. The devotionals come from Battlefield of the Mind, which i know that my mom read and enjoyed. She too, suffered with numerous attacks on her mind. goal is to consistently read that daily, after my alone time with God. I will admit to you that this is an area of my life where I struggle. It is terrible to have to admit, but this blog is about not only fun, but also life experiences, including growth in our relationship with Christ. I lead worship every Sunday, I listen to worship sets from other churches, but I struggle with the actual time I devote solely to God. How horrible is that? He sent His son to DIE for me, He has blessed me beyond measure, and I spend much more time doing nothing on Facebook than I do with Him. This is getting deep, but this is my heart. I want to encourage you, as you travel this journey with Dom and myself to join us in this critical endeavor. As we seek God, and make Him priority, we would like to hear your stories. Maybe you start a new study, or start praying specific prayers. Share with us what you learn and what He shows you and we will do the same.

630 is gonna be EARLY! :) Luckily, Rodney will be off to work, and coffee will be ready in the pot. What an amazing way to start the day. Jesus and coffee. The two most amazing things ever. :)


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