Saturday, July 30, 2011

Isaiah and the Relevance of Today...

I know that I have been doing alot of my posts on spiritual things, but like I said, we are on a journey, and we want to document God working and moving in our lives. We ARE going to include many other things on this blog, also, but our faith walk will be included. I did want to share a revelation that God placed in my heart this morning that I believe will resonate with alot of you. I hope you enjoy and are encouraged by this post...

Last night, I couldn't sleep. I was tired, but wide awake. I attributed it to some medicine that I took yesterday causing the insomnia. So, what do most people think to do when they can't sleep? Facebook. As I was about to get on, I felt God press me to go read my devotion and my bible, something that Ive been working this week at getting more consistent at daily. Yesterday was a big fail, because instead of getting up, like Ive been doing, I slept in since it was Rodney's day off.

Ive been reading through Isaiah. It is a difficult chapter, because many parts show God's disappointment and wrath at Israel for their disobedience and lack of reverence or concern for God.  I was talking to my doctor yesterday, who happens to be a Christian. He takes mission trips to India yearly, and he was sharing some of those experiences with me. We talked about how different the culture was between here and there, and how the Christians there were so passionate and in love with God, and wealth or material wise, really had nothing. (The majority of them) Here, in American, we have so much, even the ones that we consider "low income" have so much more than the majority of the world as a whole. If you drive a car, you are in the "wealthy" category in other regions of the world. So many things we take for granted. Having a roof over our head, food to eat, and shoes on our feel. And yet we feel this sense of entitlement. We always want  more. We "deserve" more. Yet, most of the time, we fail to acknowledge God and be grateful for all that He has blessed us with thus far. I saw someones FB status the other day that said, "what if all that you had this morning when you awoke were the things that you sincerely thanked God for yesterday?" Wow. How many of us would be penniless, jobless, homeless, and even family-less? I will be the first to admit that so many times, I have the "I want" attitude as opposed to the "grateful for what I have" attitude.

What makes me think about these things and the relevance to Isaiah and the reading of God's disappointment and wrath? In chapter 5, you see in verse 8, where the desire to accumulate more wealth possesses the people in Judah, and they walk over others to get what they want. No more compassion or generosity for those in need. Its all about them and their journey toward fame and fortune. Justice, love, and respect for others has been sacrificed on the alter of pleasure, self, and greed. Sound familiar to you? In the beginning of this chapter, it describes a vineyard worker. planting his grape crop, building all the necessary things to make a successful crop, and then seeing his crop fail when the vineyard only produced bad fruit. The bible says that as God's creation, His children, people should be able to see our good fruit. They should see our love, grace, and compassion. That is how others will see Jesus in us. Can that be seen in you?

As everyone knows by now, our economy and our government as a whole is in the midst of a possible very dark, scary place. Its hard to imagine, after all that we, as American culture take for granted, that we could potentially, soon, wake up to a much different America, and a much different world, than we have even know. That the history of the US has every known. If the economy completely collapses, and the dollar loses its value, (which is very close, and already had been discussed by other world leaders) we would all be in a mess. Businesses would close, banks, grocery stores, schools....we would have to all learn to be self sufficient in order to survive. There would be no hospitals or doctors, because there would be no money to operate them. I heard last night that as of yesterday, Steve Jobs and the "Apple" computer corporation, have MORE money to their name than the US treasury. That is scary, and is a bad milestone for America. It has NEVER happened.

So what do we, the ones who call ourselves followers of Jesus, and believers in the power of God do in this situation? David says clearly that he called out to God in his distress, and God answered Him. In James, it says "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." 5:16  God heard the cries of the Israelities in Egyptian slavery. He fed them, gave them water, and sent Moses to rescue them (although it took a while due to more disobedience..)

If we believe that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, than He is just as powerful and willing to rescue His children from their despair as He was in the Old Testament. As His children, in this time of fear and uncertainty, lets all cry out to Him. Let's pray to Him for strength, courage, and abounding faith in uncertain times, and trust that He will get us through this. Perhaps this will lead us to the events described in Revelation, which some, i believe we are seeing now. I want to focus on my prayers not just for our government leaders, although they desperately need God's guidance, and he calls us to respect government authority, no matter how hard that might be....we also need to be on our knees for the ones around us who are not God's children. Ones who have no idea who He is, or maybe they do, and they have been deceived into thinking that they don't need Him. The time is coming when it will be too late, and that is much more terrifying than a potential economic collapse. That is eternity separated from God in a place of torment. I believe that if God's people sincerely start seeking Him on these issues, we will see a move of God like we have never experienced before. We will see people coming to Jesus and being forever changed. That is my prayer. I would love to see God sweep over this nation, because He hears the cries of His people and do things unimaginable. He says to just ASK. I encourage you that actually read this to focus on doing that. Start taking time each day, maybe multiple times a day, to seek God's guidance and protection on these issues.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6,7). "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28).


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