Monday, July 25, 2011

I am the other part...:)

I am super excited to share this blog experience with one of the most awesome chicks Ive ever known.

I am a follower of Jesus, first in my life, although I often (very) fail in that aspect. I am so blessed to know though, that no matter where I am in my life, He loves me like crazy and just wants me to seek Him.

I am a mother of the two most amazing boys that anyone could ever ask for. Brendan is 7 and approaching 2nd grade, and Micah is 4. They are so much fun and always keep me on my toes. :) My husband, Rodney, is my best friend, my gift from God, and my soulmate. We have had ups and downs (plenty of them) but God always pulls us through it, because we rely on Him to do it. We lead worship for a church in Locust. We both sing (which is my pAsSiOn) and he plays guitar.

I always wanted to either be a rock star or a radio DJ. I actually did a college internship with a radio station, but it just wasn't meant to be. Im still shooting for the rock star dream...

As Im sure you can tell so far, of the two of us, Dominique is the cooler one. LOL. I would love to tell you that I am an awesome domesticated wifey, who fixes my husbands lunches every day, keeps a perfectly clean house, and does things on a precise schedule. FAIL. Far from it. I am the poster child for ADD. I have a million and a half things going on in my head all the time, and I have always struggled with "fitting in."

Not to be mushy, but I know for a fact that God heard all of those prayers of mine for a "friend." Someone to connect with who wouldn't be the seasonal friend who comes and goes. Ive had so many of those. The ones who think that Facebook is sufficient to keep in touch and still call yourselves great friends. Dom and I have not known each other long, but when I tell you that the connection was instant...Im not exaggerating. The things that we do have in common are quite hilarious, and to me, prove once again, how awesome God is. It's all in His timing. He knew that now was when we needed to be introduced. I learn from her all the time. She is attempting to get me organized, which is really funny! :) I just can't express how blessed I am that God has brought our families together.

Im looking forward to documenting on here parts of our lives. what we are dealing with, things that God is teaching us, fun little crafty things we might be doing, etc. I hope that the followers on here...(once we have some.) will be active in participating in discussions with us, and sharing life together. I think this will be an amazing experience for all! :)


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